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Cheddar Man: Channel 4 Attacks British identity

Cheddar man's supposed face.

Cheddar Man has become the new weapon of choice for the media to beat White Britons with, and just recently, Channel 4 has taken a shot at the oh so dangerous idea that for one to be British, one must be ethnically British. In a new low for arguably Britain’s worst TV channel, they wheeled out a token Indian geneticist to pontificate about how anyone can be British

Give it a watch.

As you can clearly see, throughout the video she’s resorting to one of the oldest tricks in the book: technobabble. Want to pacify the ordinary White working class person’s fears that they’ll be a minority in their own country by 2066? Just monologue about genomes and chromosomes (concepts that tend to be very specialist in nature, not accessible to your average person) enough and they’ll accept their fate.

(Author’s note: I think it’s quite interesting how they’ve brought out an Indian woman with a background in STEM, just to show that, yes, people from a country where the average IQ is 82, can be just as smart, if not even more so, than White people.)

Now let’s get on to what she’s actually saying. She insists that there is “no one way that a British person looks”. Now, this is true. British people don’t look the same. But there *is* an average. They’ll have brown hair and white skin. Just because around 13% of the people who live in Britain have a different complexion doesn’t change this!

These are the faces of the average English man and woman.
These are the faces of the average English man and woman.

She then says that all her life she’s heard the idea that to be British, you have to be white. Let’s get something clear: there is a difference between being born in Britain, and being ethnically British. If all of your recent ancestors are ethnically Indian, then you are ethnically Indian as well! Having a passport for a country is not synonymous with having a physical and genetic connection to that country. Our ancestors have lived in this country for thousands of years. They built the UK, for our sole benefit as their descendants. So why should people that they never intended to use the gift given explicitly to us and not to them?

Let’s say that you, dear reader, decide to leave Europe and move to India. You get Indian citizenship, and an Indian passport. You meet another European in India, and have children with them. They are ethnically White, and you raise them with significant ties to Europe. Are these children Indian? Are you and your spouse Indian now? Of course not. I mean, surely, to be Indian you must belong to an ethnic group that has traditionally inhabited the Indian subcontinent! So why is it only white countries that have to accept that just anyone can waltz in and become European?

Even if Cheddar Man did have dark skin (this is still unsure), this does not mean that dark-skinned people are automatically British.  Europeans have evolved for their environment (light skin is better at absorbing Vitamin D in northern Europe, where sunlight is less plentiful), just as other ethnicities have evolved for their respective environments. It’s no secret that we are different from Cheddar Man; white skin evolved after he was alive, as have many other biological features, not all of them skin deep.

Just as many have predicted already, Cheddar Man’s suspected dark skin has been weaponized in order to attack the concept of whiteness.

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