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Britain’s Housing Crisis: The Future of the Green Belt

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Theresa May’s Cabinet are insistent on using the Green Belt to build more houses for an ever growing population

May has been facing pressure once again but this time it isn’t related to Brexit negotiations, rather her cabinet are encouraging her to build on the green belt. Of course, it is shown in the mainstream media that Britain does in fact have a housing crisis. Britain has a rising population and the government has aimed to build 300,000 houses a year in order to meet the demand. Furthermore, the prices of houses are increasing and are becoming unaffordable for the youth.

An Increasing Population

In the United Kingdom, the figures taken from National Statistics in 2017 showed that the number of households in 2007 was 25.5 million. Then, in 2017 it rose to 27.2 million. In 1996, the number of families in Britain was 16.6 million and this figure has risen massively to 19 million in 2017.

This demonstrates that the population has increased hugely in only 20 years but of course the mainstream media only mentions the supply and the only solutions that are being provided by mainstream political parties in both the Conservatives and Labour are to build more houses. But what are the causes of this increased demand that is barely mentioned by the mainstream?

UK Population Growth Forecast (BBC, 2010)

The population is without doubt increasing due to immigration. The population rose by an unprecedented amount of 6.6 million from 2001 to 2016. This is only a period of fifteen years. The native birth rate remains below replacement level so it is impossible to assume that much of this growth has been natural. However, this has been ongoing and the current Conservative government are still doing nothing about it. The migration rate from within the European Union might have drastically reduced since the EU referendum but migration is still in fact continuing. In fact 60,000 non-European workers who were deemed ‘skilled’ had managed to come to the UK through a loophole system in the government in 2017. This accounts to the figures of around 250,000 migrants arriving to live in the UK annually. This is clearly unsustainable for the future.

This not only changes Britain culturally but it would also be damaging financially and environmentally. Having the taxpayer not only spend money on welfare seeking immigrants but also on new housing for the growing population. Nevertheless, closing the borders for the conservatives seems too difficult a task for them and they would prefer to utilise the green belts, despite Theresa May being opposed to using green belt land herself. But in this case, political correctness is the top priority for the establishment.

Map of England’s Green Belts
The British Countryside: A Safe Haven from Multiculturalism?

Many of Britain’s cities are already overcrowded with the new arrivals, however if you were to take a trip into the idyllic countryside, you would most likely escape from the diversity and multiculturalism at this present time. It is a top destination for people who wish to see the real Britain. However, Britain is transforming and not for the best. Britain is receding demographically with less and less White British being ticked to each census.  Also, the green belt has also been shrinking. In the past 12 years, it has lost 12,000 acres in order to build new houses. Not only is this the government’s way to manage the increasing demand but this could perhaps be an attempt to bring diversity to the countryside towns of Britain. There so far have not been any cases of this being implemented but it could happen in the future. Nowhere in Britain is guaranteed any safety or protection from the changing demographics.

What will the landscape look like?

It is likely that more of the green belt will be lost and urbanisation will have increased if the current trends do not change. If you are a real environmentalist and do have a nurturing sensation for the British countryside and the green belt wildlife, then it would be important to completely halt the immigration, begin deportations of those that show hostility towards the nation and house those native Brits that are homeless. Not only would this reduce the demand for housing, it would also ensure that the wages rose and the cost of housing reduced which would make life easier for the ordinary working people.

Long term, in order to protect the Countryside, decades of mass immigration must come to an end and that is a reality. It is the only real way to solve the housing crisis and to protect what is still great about Britain for future generations.




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