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BBC Continue to Churn Out ‘Multicultural Britain’ Propaganda with New Show: Englistan


The BBC announced on Monday their plans to air a new show which will centre around three generations of “British Pakistanis” living over four decades in Britain. Englistan, which will comprise of nine 60-minute episodes, will be created by Riz Ahmed; son of Pakistani immigrants and star of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Nightcrawler and Four Lions.

No air date has yet been announced for the show and it is not yet known if Ahmed will star.

BBC Two provided the following synopsis for the show:

Englistan is the story of three generations of a British Pakistani family, the Latifs; Jamal and Fatima, their children Ashraf, Razia and Asim, and their grandchildren Zahed, Naseem and Ayesha. We follow them as they pursue their dreams over four tumultuous decades, navigating shifting circumstances and evolving loyalties.”

“Englistan will re-frame recent British history, and shine a light on the forces that have made our society what it is today. We will follow them through political movements and economic boom and bust, through gang-land rivalries and assimilation into the heart of the establishment, through spiritual soul-searching and religious conflict.”

“Our characters will question what it means to be true to oneself, to belong, and whether ‘home’ is a country, a community, or something much more personal. Above all this is a story of family, of the enduring love a family provides, how it sustains us, restricts us, and defines us for better or worse.”


According to the Radio Times, Englistan will unfold a story which allows us to witness the birth of “multicultural Britain” as seen from the inside.


Riz Ahmed stars in British satirical dark comedy: Four Lions

When the BBC aren’t busy trying to erase the English from history by informing the public that everybody from Cheddar Man to the Romans were Black; just like the IOM, they spend their time churning out propaganda to make us believe that mass migration and multiculturalism are inevitable, necessary and desirable.

Despite our politicians’ best intentions to convince us that mass migration is inevitable and completely natural, it is instead something which has been orchestrated and forced upon us in monumental measures following on from the end of World War 2. It isn’t necessary either. We’ve managed for hundreds of years on this island without it, as do many other countries across the globe on this present day. Sure, mass migration and multiculturalism may be necessary to create a global economy for a small, rootless clique of international merchants to pillage at the expense of the many, but does Joe Bloggs, who lives in a modest semi-detached with his family in the north of England, care more about a spike in GDP, or does he care more about the cost of housing, NHS waiting times, school places, his job loss due to the migration of cheap labour, the ‘no-go-zones‘ and urban ghettos which have been set up in his community, the fact that his neighbours don’t speak his language and share his culture, having to walk on eggshells at the risk of offending anybody, the rise in terrorism and crime, his daughter being groomed above a takeaway and his wife having acid thrown in her face? Why doesn’t the safety and satisfaction of the general public matter anymore?

Even if migration is necessary for us to fill specific job roles, why is it not an option for us to bring people to Britain on temporary work Visas, like Germany suggested doing with their Gastarbeiter scheme following on from the end of WW2? Importing labour from other countries should be a last resort option as introducing foreign labour undermines local born employment opportunities for our native workers.

Mass migration and multiculturalism isn’t “desirable” either. It doesn’t create “diversity”. It creates conflict. Undesirable conflict. Throughout the history of Britain, from WW2 to the present day, the vast majority of the British public have been against the idea of mass migration and multiculturalism.

The following graphs are from a paper titled ‘UK Public Opinion toward Immigration: Overall Attitudes and Level of Concern’ by The University of Oxford:




No wonder they never asked our opinion.


If the BBC are to be honest about Britain’s “birth of multiculturalism” in their new TV show, then they need to mention the conflicts that multiculturalism has brought to Britain’s native population starting with the terror attacks and grooming gang scandals we’ve suffered in recent years at the hands of Pakistani men. Yes, we know that not all Pakistani men are responsible for this, but we’re sick of having a Utopian picture of multiculturalism forced down our throats by the mainstream media with no consideration for the devastating effects it brings with it. The BBC won’t mention these things though, and this show won’t be a true representation of multicultural Britain. It will instead be more “diversity” propaganda designed to brainwash the masses into thinking that the replacement of our people is somehow beneficial to us and that anybody can become “British” just by moving house.




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