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Austrians of Generation Identity Acquitted of Criminal Organisation

Identitarians of Austria acquitted

All the defendants were acquitted, the activists of the Austrian Generation Identity in the court of Graz, last Thursday.

The 17 Austrian identity activists on the charge of forming a criminal organisation and spreading hate speech were cleared. During the process, they repeatedly described themselves as merely conservatives and patriotic and did not want to be associated as extreme right-wing extremists.

The proceedings were preceded by extensive investigations by the prosecutor of the Graz court. According to the prosecutor of the case, “The group is trying to spread its xenophobic ideology” since its founding in Austria in 2012, using the growing fear of populations towards the terrorist attacks that Europe has been suffering in a way to assimilate Islamism to Islamic terrorism in general.

The judge found it infallible and unbelievable that the elements of Generation Identity were accused of persecuting Muslims and Turkish citizens.

The judge finalised his decision declaring that “With a favorable interpretation, the group does not criticise Islam but Islamisation.”

In addition, the Austrian media told the judge that “If an organisation carries out legalised activities in public space, it is not a criminal association, even if it offends public integrity.”

Philip Stein, a striking personality of Generation Identity, said that people think that being right-wing is belonging to a bourgeois secret elite.

However, there are small accusations for two elements. They were convicted of assault and property damage and will have to pay fines of 720 and 420 euros respectively.

The session had a strong police presence inside and outside the courtroom and due to the vast amount of negative opinions from far-left and left-wing elements about Generation Identity, it was requested that the name or any personal data of the judges were not disclosed in the media.

Another victory for all the nationalists and identitarians of Europe and a triumph for freedom of speech.

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