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Alt-Tech: Making It Happen


On Thursday evening, GoDaddy removed its hosting for in the latest bout of censorship on the web. They had given Richard Spencer 48 hours to transfer the domain to another host and having failed to do so, the website is now offline. This once again highlights the necessity of an Alt-Tech infrastructure and illustrates how far we are from achieving this.


Attack On Our Platforms

After Charlottesville there was an all-out attack on many ethno-nationalist platforms & content creators. Red Ice was hacked, the Daily Stormer had their domain seized and numerous other content creators were booted from funding platforms such as PayPal, GoFundMe and Patreon. Hatreon, a funding platform setup as a free-speech alternative, has had Credit Card companies and Banks pull the plug on it, making it cease its operations since February. Defend Europa itself was barred from using AdSense and banned from MailChimp, the email marketing service, with alternative email services refusing to accept us.

This isn’t a new issue and yet we are no further on from when our enemies upped the ante last summer. Firstly, we must secure our presence on the internet. While many of us have concentrated on utilising Social Media to spread our message, we will always be targets for censorship on these platforms. Much of the focus thus far has been on building alternative platforms, such as Gab and BitChute, but we still don’t have the basic infrastructure in place.


Alt-Tech Infrastructure

The following is not intended as an exhaustive list, but rather a suggestion for where we might start building this infrastructure.

  1. We need our own domain registrar. It is simply unacceptable that we face the possibility of our brand names being confiscated from us and we must remedy this.
  2. We require our own web hosting services as a priority. I see no reason why this can’t be a profitable business or social enterprise. In time, we could expand this to a cloud computing platform, to provide the infrastructure to build and scale our own mobile and web applications.
  3. It is essential that we create our own payment processors. If we are to achieve any of our goals, we need money. We need to be able to fund our activities whether it’s as businesses, social enterprises, charities or one-off campaigns. As Hatreon demonstrated, without our own currency this may not be enough. Crypto-currency and block-chain technology are advancing all the time, making this an increasingly available option.
  4. An often-overlooked necessity is that of email marketing services. With the constant threat of suspensions from our social media accounts, having the capability of building an email list of our supporters and customers and marketing to them directly is paramount.


Building It

Without this infrastructure we are extremely vulnerable to losing our presence and influence on the web. So how do we build it? I think it’s become apparent that if people were going to come forward and build this infrastructure, they would have already done so. Many of us talk about the importance of collective action and of working as a community and this is an ideal opportunity to demonstrate it. Showing people is far more powerful than merely telling them.

Of course, this issue isn’t just important for nationalists, but for many different groups across the political, cultural and social spheres. These tools must be marketed and built as free speech platforms open to everyone. In doing this it will attract more people to help us build them and more potential users to make them viable. It will also prevent the immediate onslaught that will occur if we openly brand them as ethno-nationalist and make our own people less wary of getting involved if they can say they’re working on building a free-speech platform.


Alt-Tech Conference & Hackathon

This can be completed virtually, but I suggest we start by organising local meetups, progressing to an Alt-Tech conference and hackathon. As well as people from technical and design backgrounds, we should include some of our content creators, platform builders and potential users to make sure we are focusing on their needs from the outset and to speed up the development process.

We can hold these events in numerous different locations and crowdfund the expenses required to provide travel and accommodation for our people to attend and start building these platforms we so urgently require.

Let’s not wait until a bad situation becomes even worse before we tackle it. If like many of us, you are fed up hearing our people constantly talking about the problems we face, while rarely offering solutions, let alone actually taking action to solve them, then I urge you to contact me and help make this a reality.

No-one is going to build these platforms for us, and if we can build them, we can build anything. It’s time to put our people to work.

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