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Why You Should Vote For Marine Le Pen

The time is nearly upon us. The stage is set for Marine Le Pen. After months of campaigning, debates and sound bites, it all comes down to this; two rounds of the French presidential election. Tomorrow, the 11 candidates will face off in the first round, with the top two at the end of the day going through to a head-to-head vote in the second round in a fortnight’s time.

It is fairly certain at this point that centrist Emmanuel Macron and the nationalist Marine Le Pen will be the two victors of tomorrow’s poll, but there will still be much work to be done for the Front National candidate if she is to win the second round. Macron is immensely popular and voters are wary of moving too far into the radical sphere of politics, somewhat justifiably when one considers the threats and misinformation campaign conducted by the mainstream media.

Having said that, I believe that Marine Le Pen is the best candidate to lead France through this uncertain period of its (and Europe’s) history.

I could quite easily expend my creative energies by denigrating the opponents of Ms. Le Pen, or by scoring cheap political points exploited from the tragic terrorist incidents that have plagued France over the past 18 months, but this would be doing a disservice to the Front National front-runner. The policies and personality of Le Pen – the ‘Le Pen brand’, if you like – are more than enough by themselves to present a convincing argument in her favour, without having to resort to the politics of ‘lesser evils’ as the media wish us to do.

It is, however, necessary to speak about Le Pen’s opponents for the purpose of comparison.

I believe that there are three types of minds in any walk of life, whether that be business, sport, politics, or anything else that requires a competent brain. Firstly, you have the one who feels, a reactionary like centrist candidate Macron, who can wave the flag, shout the slogans and ride the wave of the feel-good factor – not dissimilar to Tony Blair’s style of politics that won him a landslide in the 1997 general election.

Secondly, you have the thinkers like Francois Fillon. Fillon, a self-confessed Thatcherite, has thoughts about the current economic problems that France faces, such as youth unemployment, and has ideas of a very ideological nature about how to solve these problems. The thinker will assess, analyse and formulate an often successful plan to fix the technical issues facing a society.

Thirdly, you have the visionaries like Marine Le Pen. Ms. Le Pen does not just have practical solutions and ideological assertions, she also has a radical vision for the sort of France she wishes to create (or recreate). Visionaries like Marine Le Pen do not simply ride the wave of popular feeling, nor do they get bogged down in the tweaking of technical issues. Rather, they look ahead to what they wish to achieve for their country and formulate a holistic plan to achieve that vision.

That vision of Marine Le Pen’s is what makes her the best candidate for the French presidency and, it is what sets her apart from the crowd. The 144-point program published by the Front National leader in February was not a political manifesto like any other. It was a blueprint for the entirety of the French Republic and all of her peoples, a vision intended to improve the lives of French people in the present and lay the foundations for generations of French people to come.

Whether it be her plans to bring true patriotism back to the French education system, her plans to return France to her old currency, or secure the borders to halt the demographic crisis facing the country, the entire program is visionary, or even to be considered revolutionary.

The beauty of this vision is that it does not attempt to toe the line of globalism, it does not pander to supranational bureaucrats or the clique of old men at the United Nations – no, this vision is defined exclusively by a love for France and a love for the French people! Every single policy proposal of Marine Le Pen’s has the French nation and the French people at its very core; economic protection, law and order, strong borders, defence of the French culture – it is entirely designed for the purpose of doing everything possible to securing a peaceful and prosperous existence for the French people.

Many deride her as a hateful, far-right extremist, but when one looks past the hyperbole and propaganda, you will see this love for the French people to be self-evident in Marine Le Pen’s proposals and campaign rhetoric.

This is simply because the establishment consensus candidates are afraid to think outside the box. Marine Le Pen is prepared to take the game to a place they are not comfortable, to the fundamental principles of nation state sovereignty, of putting your own people first and of standing strong against enemy elements of society. This is a place that only a true visionary will feel comfortable in today’s day and age, for it is frowned upon to display the slightest hint of patriotism, let alone stand on a wholly nationalistic political programme.

And this is the one and only time you will get a chance to elect a true visionary like Marine Le Pen as the French President. People like her are unique amongst their contemporaries, a rarity of political history that rarely get the chance to shine. In the United Kingdom, our visionaries like the late, great Enoch Powell were stolen from us by the media and establishment machine, depriving the people of the chance to elect such persons. The same has happened across Europe, with truly great politicians cast out like lepers for daring to think outside of the box.

This time in France, there is a unique opportunity. This will be the one and only time such a candidate gets so close to power, for Marine Le Pen will be chewed up and spat out by the establishment machine should she fail in her quest for victory. This will be her one chance to implement the changes France is so desperately crying out for.

I believe that it is for these reasons that you should vote for Marine Le Pen. Her clear, beautiful vision for the French nation is something that I think French voters can recognise, and they will not pass up the opportunity to achieve greatness.

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