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Opinion » Politicians Have Failed Every Single One Of Us

Politicians Have Failed Every Single One Of Us

Politicians Have Failed Us

There are too many problems in this world of ours. We both know this, that’s why you clicked on this article and came to this website. It’s simple – the politicians aren’t working for us.

In my opinion, society in general, but specifically political structures, work best in a hierarchical model – less and less people as you work your way up to the top where there’s one person responsible. Personally I believe in Oswald Mosley’s model of the political hierarchy which is where one leader is surrounded by “men of action”, people who have proven their competence in a given sphere and have actual experience in an area of work i.e. not career politicians that are shat out of Eton straight into 10 Downing Street.

The current model of politics is that people come out of a private school after being fed from a silver spoon since birth, get involved in government and start making their fortune – forgetting what democracy and politics entail to start with. There are obviously a few exceptions to this, such as Mosley himself, but the formula holds true for most current politicians in Britain and indeed in other places across Europe.

They are all capitalising from keeping the populace down and due to all the red tape they are never held accountable. Modern political systems are so rooted in bureaucracy that the blame can be passed around from one department to another until it is eventually forgotten and the cycle repeats.



I believe that this is disgusting and I will not stand for it. Politicians are in the highest seats of power in an entire nation, yet they are neglecting their fellow man, their responsibilities and abusing their status; preferring to ignore pressing issues and line their pockets with Joe Public’s hard-earned paycheck than do their job.

They take and take from us, yet all they return is exactly the opposite of what we want and what is needed. We complain that our country is being filled up with scum and criminals who do not have respect for our laws, our people, our traditions and even our continent yet their answer is to extend the drawbridge even further.

But that isn’t what bothers me as much, though of course I believe that is abhorrent.

What is awful is that the citizen, the average taxpayer, the person who is rooted to their nation by centuries of ancestors isn’t in any position to say otherwise. In fact, it is easier to get somebody fired from Google for voicing genuine concerns than it is to remove a complacent and torpid leader who has led his country down the wrong path.

We are never given the chance of saying “No”.

We are never asked about the important issues that affect our country and our future and instead kept at bay for as long as possible, palmed off with chances to vote for things that don’t matter even a quarter as much: what to name public squares or hideous modern “art” pieces.

Modern politics are a joke and in most instances you can only choose between parties that are varying degrees of terrible, hoping that the least incompetent party gets in. The most infuriating part of this concept is that all the parties involved focus on non-issues and none of them even remotely touch any controversial, important and electable problems that would actually propel them into office.

Be it due to fear of backlash from the liberal powers-that-be, naivety or simply not caring about their country – it is despicable that they would choose politics as their career choice. There are plenty of other jobs where you can bend people over the table and extort them: finance, insurance, stocks and so on. So I have a question for any snot-nosed pompous “politician” – why assume office to achieve your dream of financial gain when there are other shady things you can do?

Why run your people and your country into the dirt, transform it into a disgusting multicultural nightmare with no sense of identity or belonging to make a quick buck? I am hard pressed to imagine anything more diabolical and contemptible. They do not want their worldview shattered and their bubble popped and would rather hold onto what they personally want rather than what the people that elected them in the first place want.

Politicians are supposed to lead the country to glory and preserve its traditions and heritage, as well as keep those in line who are infringing upon them, such as predator multinationals wanting to plough through scenic lands in order to build bastard industrialised monstrosities at the expense of others.

But now they’re all in the same bed and would sell their entire country out along with whatever shreds of dignity and morality they have in a heartbeat.



There is a new dawn upon us where I see a completely new political battlefield, shaped by the new upheaval of ethnic and national identity that we have seen in the past two years. Younger political movements, such as ourselves, as well as parties and pressure groups formed by the new right-wing generation will bring us into a new nationalist renaissance.

That is something that I honestly believe. Gone will be the politics of old – consigned to the dustbin of history where they rightfully belong. People will step into the hot seat and take immediate action, turning around the course of their folk, their nation and forever shaping history.

We have been lied to.

We have been failed.

We are the generation that will rise to the challenge. We are the embodiment of the old-age idiom “if you want something done, do it yourself”. We are finished with looking up to people that we assumed knew what was right, what was needed, what was important.

We have nothing but disdain and contempt for the big bankers, the globalist elite establishment, the filthy pigs using our countries as their financial play-pen and leaving us in the rubble when the ceiling comes crashing down. We are much more than that, oh yes.

Rather than sit idly by and notice something is awry and needs to be done, we need to face the music and take action like our ancestors one did. We need to use our anger, raw emotion and utter hatred for the people that let us down and do their job better.

We will not back down.


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