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Opinion » The Degeneracy of the LGBT Community

The Degeneracy of the LGBT Community

Young child dressed in drag at a gay pride parade in New York, 2015.

The gay community over the past few decades has become even more of an absolute cesspit of moral deficiency, degeneracy and wretched behaviour, but I’ve always wondered how it got this bad.

Don’t get me wrong, being gay in itself is not that bad in my opinion and I can get along with gay people just fine, even though they aren’t always my cup of tea. But why has it gone from the simple reality of boys liking boys and girls liking girls to public sexual displays, made up genders, perpetual victimhood, effeminate men and butch women?

I have noticed is that people within the gay community keep tacking new letters onto the LGBT acronym in an effort to “give representation to marginalised voices” – or in real English: to feel like more of a victim so they can get more preferential treatment. You see this all the time in the gay community especially – one only needs to search “LGBT acronym” to find out that the acronym is apparently now “LGBTTQQIAAP”.

For people that don’t like being cast aside and discriminated against they sure do a good job of it themselves. Not to mention that I thought that being gay was a sexuality, but yet we have in the LGBT acronym the word “transgender”, which is living life as a different gender due to mental illnesses. It has been told to me again and again that being transgender is not a sexual perversion, but if it isn’t then why is it in that acronym to start with?

The sexual revolution of the 1960s obviously played a key part in allowing this degeneracy, paving the way for people (especially women) to deem it socially acceptable to sleep around with multiple people, even at once, and regardless of their gender. Despite all of this ethical bankruptcy, this school of thought in recent times has really been pushed way too far.

What was the strange counterculture of a bygone era is now the dominant culture of today that is being forced down our throats, if you excuse the pun. The gay “community” is less than 10% of the global population but you’d believe that they’re a much larger demographic if you buy into what the media is telling you.

They’re coming out of the woodwork with pride parades here and there, over-sexualised and perverse TV shows such as RuPaul’s Drag Race and videos such as the abhorrent cultural-Marxist hogwash that BBC Three churns out on YouTube or “Queer Kids Stuff”, another cancer on the internet. The kind of stuff that you would previously only find down a seedy, neon-lit alleyway in a destitute inner-city area is now on the big screen in full frontal view.

Regarding the featured image; that is a picture of a young child at a gay pride parade in New York in 2015. For a movement that considers itself just wanting equal rights for people that are attracted the same gender, they do an awful lot of indoctrination. A parent encouraging their child to wear a crown and dress in a tiered rainbow frill dress a couple decades ago would have had a visit from social services, but all of a sudden it is okay?

I would include a picture of my next talking point but it is by far inappropriate and one of the most disgusting things regarding the LGBT community; the kink community.

There are countless images you can find with little effort if you are inclined to do so of people wearing gimp suits, bondage harnesses and all sorts of vile BDSM gear. What was once, and still is to many people, a horrifying sexual perversion that was kept in dark basements or hardcore porn sets is now on the streets in these pride parades.

I have seen videos of men standing in briefs and latex gyrating their groin and genitalia towards children standing idly by on the pavement, with their failed parents nowhere to be seen. I have seen pictures of men in PVC dog outfits complete with full head masks and chains on all fours whilst people cheer them on.

Is this what being gay has now become?

A movement that started as people wanting to be considered as no different to normal heterosexual people and treated as the same under the law has now become a movement that wishes to force their way of life onto everyone else. The scariest thing about it though is that they have the power to do it.

The gay lobby, as well as their obvious left-wing benefactors, have an insane amount of leverage on popular culture and daily life. Considering the fact that in most cases the establishment is left-wing, they can essentially do whatever they like and if you do not conform you are crucified. Not many are powerful to step out of line. Why else do you think that businesses, especially large ones, have “diversity quotas” and celebrate pride and other similar leftist things imposed on them?

If there isn’t serious reform in the LGBT community, or at least society to prevent their further encroachment into our lives, we will continue heading down this dark path and God knows what we will find at the end of it.


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