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Europeans Owe the World Nothing

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It has long been a talking point of the left wing in general and of various minority groups within the West that they are somehow entitled to living in the West. Because Europeans colonized so much of the world, the world has a right to come to the West. Never mind the fact that Western countries send billions upon billions of dollars and euros to 3rd world countries every year.

Never mind the fact that there was never any foreign power in all of Europe’s history that gave any of its countries any ‘foreign aid’, there was only ever trade and war. European countries had to find it within themselves to become prosperous and powerful enough to explore the world. There was never any ‘aid’ provided.

The very idea of foreign aid was developed in the 19th century by rich European countries, who provided it to their colonies. Even after the colonies had gained independence foreign aid was still sent in order to help economic development.

But it is not enough. Economic migrants from all over the world are trying to come to the West because they see it a promised land, where they can make it big or live off welfare that they never earned. Already massive amounts of resources are spent on the so called ‘refugees‘. Still it is not enough. Still we must do more, give more. Why? The solution to poverty is not that the whole world moves into the part of the world that is developed and destroys it. The solution is to develop the undeveloped countries.

All people have a responsibility to themselves and their countrymen to make their own countries prosperous. If all the people who are smart and resourceful enough to leave their country and come to the West do so, then their own countries will suffer a brain drain and be less developed as a consequence of that. Westerners have done much for the world, it isn’t our responsibility to give away our countries, it is our responsibility to encourage the peoples of the world to develop their own countries and prosper there.

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