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Opinion » Dem BBC News Wokim Blackpelas Talk Talk Pidgin

Dem BBC News Wokim Blackpelas Talk Talk Pidgin

BBC News has launched a new Pidgin language news service to avoid the need for West and Central Africans to join western civilization.  As the headline of this article says, “The BBC News want Africans to continue talking pidgin english”.  The English based “dialect” is not an official language anywhere, and to the uninitiated sounds as if speakers suffer from mental retardation combined with speech impediments.   As BBC pidgin lead editor Bilkisu Labaran  commented, “Pidgin na informal language wey dey unite people for West and Central Africa.”

While fetal alcohol syndrome is a problem in Nigeria,  where some 75 million speak pidgin, they have previously had the BBC world service broadcasting in English as the gold standard for speech and grammar.  With each update into world events, they subtly understood more and more English language pronunciation and grammar.  That is all finished with this change.  Nigerians, Congolese, and Nigerois will listen, read, and comprehend the state of the world in a barstardised, dumbed down form of english, unsuitable for life outside of a ghetto.  West and Central Africans will suffer in business, and Nigerian princes will experience even more difficulty in transferring their money overseas.  It may affect the ability of Africans to more to the UK, although immigration is already down, as the BBC Pidgin language service reported.

“New report don show say di number of people wey dey enter United Kingdom don reduce.   According to di report wey come out just after di election wey happen for June, di Office for National Statistics for UK say di average number of people wey dey enter di country by March 2017 don drop by 81,000 people from di people wey enter di UK for di same period, last year.”

Fortunately though, the use of native Pidgin will likely allow Africans a better understanding of complicated issues such as Space Science;


They will learn about the importance of Women’s Rights;

Why Ghana dey lauch satellite for space

Also family planning;

Why men dey learn family planning

And even local cultural festivals;

Nigeria: Plenty fun, flogging for Egungun festival Youths dem show strength by flogging each other with big cane. No give money when he jam you, e fit glog you with im big cane Pikin dem get power to flog anybody

While the manner of speaking may seem unusual, even verging on hilarious to native English speakers, the use of vernacular English dialects is no laughing matter.  While various pidgin languages have been the lingua franca on world trade roots for centuries, African Americans were developing their own version.  In 1973, Dr Robert Williams, a black social psychologist developed the term “Ebonics” to describe the dialect at a conference for black childhood development.  Terms such as “Nonstandard Negro English”, “Black English”, and “Black English Vernacular”, had been around for decades.  Previously though, they had been derided as lazy slang, rather than an authentic and distinct dialect.     The issue came into mainstream consciousness in 1996, when the Oakland School Board in California passed a resolution declaring Ebonics to be the authentic language of the 28,000 black students in the school district.  Immediately Federal authorities balked at the concept, which would have resulted in major allocations of extra grant money for teaching millions of  African-American “foreign language students” at US schools.

As columnist Alicia Banks argued, “…everything African is [viewed by society as] VERY black and VERY bad.   Black English is not being rejected for its differences, but rather for its blackness .”  While, interest in Ebonics faded away for a decade or so, it has recently returned with the Intersectionality generation.  “…standard written English … excludes marginalized groups” according to Erika Gallagher of University of Wisconsin-Madison. Despite her white “power and privilege”, she identified the oppression suffered by native Ebonics speakers in her class, and plans to form an organization to combat the issue.

Despite the various controversies, the value of a English education is well understood.  Surrounding students with Standard American  or British English is far more helpful for individuals who want to make their way in the world.  Hopefully BBC will soon realize the futility of a pidgin language and return to serving those who pay the TV license fee.

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