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Opinion » When Christmas Looks Better in Aleppo…

When Christmas Looks Better in Aleppo…

Christmas in Aleppo

Throughout the last few hundred years, Europe has been a place where one could observe the most magical of Christmas scenes. From Germany’s bustling markets, to the snow of Scandinavia and the rich religious celebrations of the Catholic and Orthodox countries, it was never difficult to find a scene worthy of valuable postcard. Today, of course, things are much different. And to illustrate just how far we’ve fallen, it’s worth pointing out that one would find a more archetypal Christmas celebration in the Syrian city of Aleppo, rather than Frankfurt or Stockholm.

That’s right; Syria’s once war-ravaged city is today the scene of an archetypal Christmas. They erect a huge, wonderfully lit tree in the city’s central square, as various groups in Santa costumes and elf imitations are busily engaged in entertaining the children. Even the churches are full, with vicars and priests holding open, welcoming public services including midnight mass and family services on Christmas Eve. There are no barriers to prevent truck attacks, very few visible security officers and certainly none armed to the hilt, as we could easily expect to see in Birmingham or Berlin.

Of course, there was once a time when many wondered if Aleppo would ever celebrate Christmas again. From 2012 to late 2016, the city was occupied by “rebel” forces – such as the US-backed Free Syrian Army, and the internationally acclaimed White Helmets – who, despite their western supporters’ claims to the contrary, were effectively Sunni extremists in the mould of Islamic State and Al-Qaeda. Christmas was strictly forbidden, and Burkas rigorously enforced. Under the guise of “pro-democracy” demonstrations, the so-called rebel groups had established an Islamist regime in which Christians and other religious and ethnic minorities were treated no better than slaves.

Yet on 22nd December 2016, the Syrian Arab Army finally recaptured the city in its entirety. After permitting the rebels a route out of the city – when most commanders would have been more inclined toward total annihilation – Assad’s forces finally flushed the remaining Islamist pigs from the city, with the assistance of the Russian Air Force. And what was the first act of the authorities once liberation had been secured? Renovating the Mosques? No; celebrating Christmas. Reopening the churches, decorating the square, erecting the tree – all courtesy of Assad’s regime.

Germany's Iconic Markets Must Now Be Guarded by Armed Police
Germany’s Iconic Markets Must Now Be Guarded by Armed Police

The result is that today, Aleppo provides a more aesthetic Christmas scene than much of Northern Europe. In some major European cities today, churchgoers are discouraged by the threat of Islamist disruption, and Christmas markets resemble prison camps from some dystopian Orwell novel. People are frightened, cowed and browbeaten into accepting this as our new reality. The majority of our cities’ capitalists refuse to even print the word Christmas on their produce, for fear of offending minorities, a preoccupation that seems not to perturb Syria’s predominantly Muslim political class.

Something is gravely wrong, but the pieces are starting to come together now. In order to garner mass support for regime change in Syria, the powers that be in Europe and America seek to portray Assad as this cruel Islamist leader, who represses Christians and personifies intolerance. In the same breath, they present the poor refugee arrivals to Europe as the embodiment of peace and tolerance, whose only desire is to be free from persecution. Why, then, does all the evidence suggest the opposite is the case? Whilst Assad’s Aleppo celebrates a truly tolerant Christmas, Europeans must be protected by concrete barriers and armed police just to visit a market.


The only logical conclusion one can draw from this great paradox, is that the line we are spun is merely another Zionist LIE pushed on an unsuspecting, bought and paid for sleeper class. They’re acutely aware of our disinterest and inertia, and that we’ve been conveniently conditioned to exhibit indifference to genuine repression and suffering, thus this not-so-grand falsehood can be easily spun. Their propaganda organs in the mass media are willing accomplices, their editors under an unspoken pressure to portray things ‘as they should be’, with little to no concern for what is in fact true or not.

England’s Markets Also Have ‘Diversity Enforcement Officers’

But thanks to social media, we can see the evidence for ourselves. With our own eyes, we can observe the peaceful, tolerant Christmas scene in Syria’s Aleppo, and in the same vein we clearly see our Christmas markets turned into prison camps. Even the most mentally passive of people will realise that something is not quite right. When a predominantly Arab and Muslim country celebrates Christmas better than those in Europe, the de facto homeland of Christmas, it’s plain to see that there is something very, very wrong indeed.

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