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Opinion » Welfare-seeking Africans, ‘The New Europeans’?

Welfare-seeking Africans, ‘The New Europeans’?

Illegal Immigrants

In just the last five days, 11.000 Africans have been picked up from the Libyan coast and brought to Italy. The smugglers; mostly EU’s own coastguard and NGOs are not even bothering to wait for the economic migrants to get to international waters anymore and are is now picking them up from Libyan waters, in an attempt to speed up the replacement of Europeans. The Italian government is considering to close their ports to ships coming from Libya in an attempt to put pressure on the EU to find a solution to the crisis, but so far there are no indications that the EU wants to stop this. They may try to force some of the nations trying to keep diversity out with threats of sanctions, in an attempt to saturate all of Europe with African migrants, like they did when Hungary refused to take more.

Both UN and EU have confirmed what we suspected; these people are not ‘refugees’; they are economic migrants. So far in 2017, Nigeria is leading the race with 15% of the arrivals, while Bangladesh (12%) and Guinea (10%) are runners up. Africa; being a ‘biological superpower’, will not run out of people any time soon. Last year alone, the population saw a rise of 30 million. UN estimates are continuing to climb, and by 2050 it is estimated that the population will be 2.4 billion, or about three times as many as the estimate for Europe, even with the immigrants doing everything they can to keep our fertility rates as high as possible.

Solving the problem of Africa’s population/resource problems by importing their low-IQ ‘surplus’ to Europe does not only seem like a catastrophe for Europe and the native population, but if you look at the numbers it becomes clear that it is practically impossible as well. Even if Europe imported half of Africa, by 2050 we would be outnumbered by illiterate, low-IQ Africans and the population of Africa would still be unsustainable and growing. What is the long term plan here; when it is so obvious that the current ‘solution’ solves nothing other than ‘lack of diversity in Europe’?

The net drain on the economy of the host countries is enormous. As an example; only 36% of Somalian men and 22% of women are working in Norway. Swedish immigrants are close to the native population with around 80% working for both genders. To add to these already depressing statistics; the limit to be counted as ‘working’ is just one hour a week, and there is no reason to assume that these numbers will go up with the influx of more Africans. The more migrants from their own culture; the less contact is needed with the society they have occupied. Statistics confirm this trend. The calculated cost in Norway of one single Somalian is around one million USD, on average. Multiply this with the number of Somalians and equally ‘expensive’ migrants and it becomes obvious that there is no way the native population can continue to pay for their own replacement without drastically improving productivity by working more. The welfare system that has worked well in a homogeneous population will eventually, and probably soon, collapse under the enormous economic burden of the migrants.

Merkel fears that 100 million Africans could be driven to Europe by climate change and poverty, and there seems to be no end in sight to Africa’s problems. Why should it stop at 100 million, when the problems are just growing, and the population growth is out of control? Will ‘climate change’ be less of a problem in the future? Will the poorest nations of Africa suddenly prosper economically? The idea that moving them to Europe should somehow solve anything is absurd to any thinking person. The organizations facilitating this, including the EU itself, are now brazenly running a free ferry-service from the coast of Africa to Europe. One has to wonder if the goal of this can really be about ‘saving Africa’?

Map showing how pick-up points are now basically in Africa
Map showing how pick-up points are now basically in Africa

The problem of the out-of-control population increase in Africa is a very real one. With an average IQ below 70, we have the least sustainable population on earth, dependent on handouts from 1st world countries to even survive. While the population of Africans is growing; the wild life is suffering. Many species are on the brink of extinction, and a famine would soon be enough to see the elephants go extinct, along with many larger animals that can be used for food. Before ~1920, the population of sub-saharan Africa had been stable for thousands of years, below 100 million. The solution to this problem is not moving the unsustainable population of Africa to the first world.

What are the globalists trying to achieve with their ‘solution’ to this very real problem? The current ‘solution’ will not solve Africa’s enormous problems, but it will certainly impact the developed world (the west) in dramatic ways. People are distracted from this man-made disaster with fear-mongering over ‘climate-change’, which in comparison is a minor bump in the road. If all the hysteria turns out to be true and the global temperature sees a rise of a few degrees, it really is nothing compared to the fall of the west. Once again, the White minority of the world will suffer at the hands of the international criminals behind this scheme.

Africa's population and the decline of world IQ
Africa’s population and the decline of world IQ

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