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The Only Proven Counter-Terrorism Strategy

Islamic terrorism is easy to stop, in reality.

In the aftermath of Islamic terrorism attacks in Europe, the political class, along with those who direct the security forces, begin the predictable post  mortem; Perhaps we need more armed police officers? Maybe we need to teach “our values” more aggressively? Why don’t we look at foreign funding for radical mosques?

The same questions are posed and invariably the same answers are given. Often, these ‘solutions’ are presented as such because the reality is that those make these decisions cannot contain the problem, thus they wish to simply look busy. Even those strategies they do implement rarely work, or if they were well intended they are hamstrung by incompetence at some stage of the process. The ‘Prevent Strategy’ in the United Kingdom for example is intended to allow those in authorities to flag the early warning signs of Islamic extremism, but instead the left-wing teachers who are often on the front line of the process only use it to report boys who access the UKIP website via a school computer.

And if our efforts are not felled at the first hurdle by our own useful idiots, the communities themselves that harbour extremists work to disrupt it. They claim that our surveillance of them is racist, that our wish to investigate their mosques is discriminatory and any effort to better integrate them into society is “cultural supremacy”. Every which way we turn, there is somebody, whether it be a useful idiot, a leftist or a foreigner, who will disrupt, demoralise and ultimately destroy any hope we had of our endeavours producing results. Whilst it is true that our security forces, particularly in England, are well versed in foiling Islamic terror attacks, as we have seen of late it is impossible to stop them all.

So what is the answer? What can we do to stop the slaughter of our people by Islamic terrorists?

Polish MEP Ryszard Czarnecki hit the proverbial nail on the head during a radio interview in the wake of the most recent terrorist incident in London, when he said that the only proven counter terrorism strategy is through not allowing Muslim immigrants to enter a country. In a wide-ranging interview, the Law and Justice MEP claimed Poland is learning from the mistakes of Western Europe when it comes to radical Islam. This is what he had to say when asked about the likelihood of his country being hit by an Islamic terror attack:

“When it comes to reducing the chances of Poland being hit by [Islamist] terror attacks, the only proven method is to not allow in Muslim migrants.”

And he’s right! The less Islam you have in a country, the less likely you are to get hit by an Islamic terrorist attack. This may of course sound like common sense to those who have followed this problem closely, but the vast majority of useful idiots in Europe either are blind to this fact or, as is more likely, simply pretend it is not so. Terrorism has nothing to do with Islam, they cry. Islam is a religion of peace, they insist. But they still cannot avoid the glaring truth that an increased presence of Islam in a country means an increased risk of terrorism.

Having no Muslims in your country is also the only counter terrorism method proving to work without fail. The figures back this up. Japan, for example, rejects 99.9% of asylum applications from Muslim nations and less than 0.1% of her overall population are Muslims – needless to say, Japan has no problem with Islamic terrorism. Slovakia is another example where the government have taken measures to truly prevent Islamic terrorism. Their left-wing Prime Minister Robert Fico has insisted his country will not take a single Muslim migrant. The Slovakian parliament has also approved a law stating that no religious building can be built for a religion with less than 50,000 national followers – generous estimates put the country’s Muslim population at 5,000, again less than 0.1% of the overall population.

Hungary is another example where Islamic extremism is non-existent. Why? Because they have a Prime Minister in Viktor Orban who acknowledges the threat posed to Europe by Islamic immigration and has therefore decreed that his country will have none. According to the 2011 Hungarian census, there are only 5,579 Muslims in the country, or 0.056% of the overall population. Contrast this with the European nation that has experienced more Islamic terrorism than anywhere else, France, and of course a different picture is presented entirely.

France has more native converts to Islam (100,000) than there are Muslims in Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Japan out together of any extraction. Overall, there are 7.7 million Muslims in France, amounting to 11% of the population of Metropolitan France. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the country, and by the middle of the century Islam is predicted to be the majority religion in the country. More than 98% of Muslims in France are from an immigrant background – even if some are second or third generation – proving the point that it is in fact the importation of Muslims that causes terrorism in the long-run.

This same pattern can be seen across every European nation with Muslim populations of any significance. England in particular, which has been the location of three terror incidents in as many months, can also claim that Islam is her fastest growing religion. Muslims amount to 5% of the overall population, a figure that has more than doubled in the last decade. In Belgium, the story is the same. Muslims account for between 5% and 7% of the overall population. Islam is the fastest growing religion in Belgium and some areas of major cities, such as Molenbeek, are majority Islamic and clear no-go areas for the authorities and local people alike.

Of course, the dissenting liberal voices will declare that there are other forms of terrorism in Europe, not just Islamic. They often point to the IRA’s bombing campaign in England and Northern Ireland, or ETA, the often violent Basque separatist movement. In such cases, they have a point; these are forms of terrorism that are native to Europe and have nothing to do with Islamic immigrants. However, the notion that this is a positive case for Islamic terror is ridiculous. This is akin to telling a cancer patient that, considering they’re so unwell, they might as well contract HIV as well.

Quite frankly, our nations have enough problems of their own without importing the problems of the Muslim world too. Whether its poverty in Greece, separatists in Spain, leftists in Germany or the IRA, every nation has enough issues to contend with already.

It is clear then, based on evidence and the exhaustion of every other method imaginable, that the only proven counter-terrorism measure is exactly as the Polish MEP Ryszard Czarnecki described; not importing Muslims into your country! Sadly, the political class and the useful idiots consider ideas such as banning Muslim immigration, let alone repatriating existing Muslim residents, to be highly unpalatable.

Therefore we can expect more government programs, more armed police and more censorship, as our so-called leaders dance around this issue, curtailing native freedoms in the process. They will busily engage in achieving very little and then act more and more surprised each time an Ahmed or Mohammed detonates a suicide vest in a concert hall or tube train. It is the same pattern over and over again, and despite their previous failings, they will continue, for the answer that stares them in the face is simply too ‘politically toxic’ to even think, let alone dare to speak.

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