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Young African Man Beats Elderly German Woman

African beats elderly German woman

A young man of African descent was caught on camera attacking an elderly woman on the streets of the German city of Nurnberg. As his motive remains unclear, he was sent for psychiatric examination.

This video shows an elderly woman passing by he suddenly strikes her such violent force that she is knocked to the ground. The video also shows that there was no argument or any other form of interaction between the two before the attack. Weren’t we told all the immigrants only want to live in peace?


Video footage of the incident was first obtained by a local media outlet and then published on YouTube by an activist group. The German police later confirmed that the incident had been filmed and posted on social media. 

The elderly woman was taken to hospital, where it was found that she had sustained life-threatening injuries, including several bone fractures. According to a police statement, the man attacked the woman and repeatedly hit her in the head after knocking her down. Her life is still in danger, according to police, who added that the suspect had been sent for psychiatric evaluation in a “specialized clinic.” Whatever that means.  

Witnesses to the incident were quick to intervene. They stopped the attacker from further beating the the elderly woman, and held him down until the authorities arrived. According to the official police statement, the man surrendered without any resistance.

The suspect was not previously known to the authorities, the statement said. Later, the police said that he was a “man from Africa,” 23 years old.

Police also opened an attempted murder investigation. However, the causes of the incident remain unknown. Police found no evidence that the attacker and his victim knew each other, as reported by the dpa news agency.

Another migrant attack, another day, nothing done. The Multikulti agenda continues. Stay calm. Act normal. Carry on.


All is not lost, because people all over Europe are waking up. Austria has formed a nationalist government! The dutch pro-Nexit party has gained immense support! Europeans are waking up and and realising what is happening. Our work continues and with every article shared and every debate had, more of our people wake up.

Times are changing.





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