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Betrayal: Woman Snared White Girls for Muslim Rape Gang

white girls lured, traitor

Carolann Gallon, a 22-yr-old mother of two, has been found guilty of her role in a Muslim rape-gang operating in the Newcastle area, Gallon told police that she had ‘no sympathy’ for the victims and that the girls abuse was ‘self-inflicted’.

Newcastle Crown Court heard how Gallon had trafficked White children across the North-East of England, targeting vulnerable girls and plying them with drugs and alcohol. The judge sentenced Gallon to 6 years and three months.

One of the gang’s victims explained that Gallon took her to a flat, where she was fed a cocktail of alcohol and drugs until she passed out, when she awoke, she was being raped by Abdulhamid Minoyee, 34, who ‘grinned’ at her following the attack.

Gallon attempted to build a defence by blaming the victims for drinking too much, she said: “They shouldn’t have too much to drink, they are not some kid, they are 15 or 16. It’s self-inflicted and I’ve got no sympathy for them.”

Another rape victim who had mentioned going to the police, was told by Gallon that she would be ‘chopped to pieces’ if she told anybody about the attack.

The court heard that the vast majority of the victims were ‘White British’, the youngest was just 13-yrs-old and most of the girls were from children’s homes. All of the male defendants were of Asian heritage and of an islamic background.

The 17 men were part of a larger network of around 40 men, though most were British-born, the group included Pakistani, Indian, Iranian, Iraqi, Bangladeshi and Turkish nationals. Police believe that the known number of victims is around 100.

Northumbria Police Force – which ran ‘Operation Shelter’ to capture the gang – came under fire as it emerged that they had paid a convicted rapist £10,000 to be an informant on the gang.

Despite the clear and recorded racial dimension to the cases, Judge Penny Moreland stated that the gang had targeted the girls because they were ‘young, impressionable, naive and vulnerable’, not because they were White.

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