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Viktor Orbán Defends Őcsény Residents in Migrant Row

Őcsény residents are opposed to EU migrant quotas

The latest liberal media hysteria in central Europe centres around a migrant-fuelled commotion in the small village of Őcsény, where a retired guest house owner was allegedly intimidated into rescinding his offer to house illegal immigrants.

The guest house owner, against the wishes of the village’s residents, offered to resettle so-called refugee children. He did not inform the residents of his decision beforehand, which of course incensed the villagers who had previously expressed their wishes that they did not want illegal immigrants settled in their home community.

In typical liberal victim-mentality fashion, the politically motivated retiree complained he had been the victim of harassment and intimidation by local residents. At a town meeting, where feelings were running high, residents allegedly threatened to decapitate him for his actions.

The extent to which his claims are true is at this point unclear, but the case has been given enough oxygen by the liberal media that it had drawn the attention of Hungary’s interior ministry and even the Prime Minister himself.

Unlike in the liberal west, where politicians are quick to condemn the native population despite lacking all the facts, the Hungarian establishment has stood firmly alongside the concerned people of Őcsény.

Minister of the Prime Minister’s office and former leader of the Fidesz parliamentary group János Lázár suggested, when questioned by the liberal media, that the guest house owner had acted without integrity in trying to force refugees upon the local population without informing them first.

Undoubtedly he makes a fair point; is it not a most common tactic of scheming liberals to import their third world pawns under a cloud of deceit of both purpose and action?

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán went even further, exposing the liberal lie that is “refugee children”. This is what he said when asked about the villagers’ understandable hostility to the situation:

“I cannot find anything wrong in this. People do not want to accept migrants. They do not want to accept them into their country and they do not want to accept them into their village. They have been lied to so many times about migrants that they do not believe that only children would come. Hungarian people love children, and otherwise they are eager to help the fallen. But they have been lied to so many times about migrants that Hungarians say to this: first only children come, then their parents…”

Predictably the liberal media are in hysterics over these comments, feigning outrage that the cruel fascist Orbán is condoning violence in response to these poor, helpless refugee children. Except we know this is a misrepresentation of the facts, don’t we?

Western Europe has learned to its disadvantage that, invariably, these refugee “children” turn out to be adults chancing their luck at a fast track route to European social welfare. In Sweden, 75% of said “children” turned out to be adults, whilst in Denmark that figure is 76%. All over Europe the story is the same; adult men posing as children so as to garner the sympathies of gullible liberals and useful idiots.

In the rare event that they are children, this still poses problems. The European Union’s charter of human rights entitled everyone to the right to family life. Fairly innocuous, you may think, but this law has been cunningly exploited by foreigners who use it to import their entire extended families to Europe – which in the case of many Islamic migrants amounts to multiple households.

Hungarians are not a hostile people by nature, but they are an intelligent people. They’ve seen the death and destruction that third world migrants have brought to Europe, they’ve heard the stories of Germany’s rape epidemic and seen the blood of Frenchmen flowing down the streets of Paris.

They’re hostility to refugee resettlement is simply a product of Hungarian people attempting to learn from the mistakes of their western European counterparts.

And this is not just an opinion rattled around the echo chambers of Orbán’s party faithful. In a referendum on EU-imposed migrant quotas held in 2016, 98.6% of voters opposed the resettlement – there is a very popular desire for Hungary not to suffer the same mistakes as the liberal west.

In this fight, Viktor Orbán continues to be a bastion of hope for those who dream of a different European order. His steadfast defence of the Hungarian people is an inspiration to us all, and an example that many a western European leader would do well to follow.

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