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Update: 5,000 Illegal Invaders On Easter Weekend

Invaders masquerading as refugees...

Yesterday, Defend Europa brought you the news that over 2,000 migrants (non-white invaders) had been ferried to Europe since Friday. Various NGO vessels, along with the Italian and Spanish coastguards, had once again been operating a free passage to Europe from the Libyan shores.

However, much to our dismay, it seems the initial reports were gravely understated.

The true figures are now being reported; as many as 5,000 non-white invaders were ferried to Europe. 2,000 of these were brought across on Good Friday and 3,000 on Saturday, dwarfing the numbers we previously believed.

Summer Precedent

36 ‘rescue missions’ were conducted by the coastguards and NGO vessels on Saturday alone, demonstrating that the authorities have the capacity to continue to facilitate this invasion at ever-increasing rates.

What we can also see is the volume of immigrants from Africa dramatically increases as winter turns to spring. This is a repetition of the patterns of 2015 and 2016, which saw the largest bulk of migrants cross the Mediterranean Sea in the summer months.

“Fleeing Poverty”

Just as we reported in yesterday’s news, it seems the vast majority of these migrants are being picked up from the Libyan coast. They are not coming from ‘war-torn’ countries such as Syria, but are in fact mostly from sub-Saharan Africa (Nigeria, the Ivory Coast, Guinea). The latest narrative from the lügenpresse on this issue is that now, one qualifies as a refugee if they are ‘fleeing poverty’.

This is a dangerously open-ended definition totally devoid of any intellectual pretext. Essentially, it paves the way for billions of third world migrants to claim ‘refugee’ status just because they don’t have all the riches of Europe – after all, the definition of poverty used by these internationalists at the United Nations is in fact rather loose in itself.

Africans apparently do not have the wherewithal to exploit the most mineral-rich continent on the planet and for this cognitive deficiency, Europe pays a heavy price.



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