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Unemployment Falls AGAIN in Brexit Britain


New figures from the British Office for National Statistics show that unemployment is down to 4.3%, a 42-year low.

Despite the doom-mongering of those in the British establishment with regards to the country’s economic prospects after Brexit, these latest figures mark the continuation of a trend since last June’s referendum. Every quarter since the vote, the ONS has been able to report a reduction in unemployment.

Undoubtedly, this is in no small part down to the slight reduction in immigration since the Brexit poll. Many would-be migrants have stayed away from the UK, given the uncertainty over their status after the formal exit process is complete.

Whilst this spells bad news for the giant capitalists who seek to exploit mass immigration to depress the wages of British workers, the evidence clearly shows that the native working and middle-classes will have better job and wage prospects as a result.

Therefore, the British establishment now has a choice to make; do they follow the evidence and side with the working and middle-classes by continuing to cut migrant numbers, or will they wedge the door open for the benefit of the giant capitalists – and by extension, their big-money donors?

A leaked paper {insert} seems to suggest their willingness to follow the facts and side with the British people. However, this is likely to face huge challenges both in parliament and the courts, given the multitude of vested interests in this matter.

An unholy alliance of leftists, liberals and shameless capitalists have already demonstrated their willingness to fight this issue, as well as their ability to utilise the full force of the media to spread their loosely veiled agenda.

These groups who sing the false song of multiculturalism do so at the expense of both the working and middle-classes. Community cohesion and a dignified wage are, to them, simply obstacles that stand in the way of their pseudo-utopian multi-racial society.

Fortunately, their ability to make an economic or social case for continuing the mass migration policies of the past is greatly diminished. Any evidence that could suggest these policies were good for the average Briton is evaporating at a rate of knots.

Soon, leading academics and political commentators will be asking how on earth we could have got it so wrong for so long?


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