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UN: “Britain Must Take More Refugees!”

Refugees, or illegal immigrants?

In perhaps the least surprising news of the last few weeks, the United Nations has declared that the United Kingdom must take at least double the number of refugees it has currently pledged to.

Volker Turk, the assistant commissioner at the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, used talks with ministers in London as a platform to berate the British on their relatively low “refugee” intake thus far.

Seemingly not content with the native English people being a minority in no less than 4 of their major cities – including the capital London – those at the top are intent with accelerating The Great Replacement.

The British government has pledged to welcoming 20,000 Syrian refugees by 2020. So far, 5,453 Syrians have been granted humanitarian protection, along with a further 3,000 children and other vulnerable people.

Many will recall the scenes at the Home Office reception centres after the UK agreed to accommodate illegal immigrants posing as child refugees last year. Facial recognition software found these so-called child refugees to be between the ages of 17 and 38, prompting the Home Office to erect large journalist-proof screens to shield their deception.

This particular farce caused the government to end the Dubs Amendment, a piece of legislation named after ‘Lord’ Dubs – a Jewish peer who claims to have “escaped the Nazis” in the 1930’s – that gave illegal immigrants posing as refugee children the right to travel to the UK from France, a safe country.

Despite these events denting public confidence in the government’s handling of the so-called refugee crisis, Mr Turk of the United Nations proclaimed he hoped to see “significant numbers” of refugees be offered the chance to settle in Britain.

The assistant commissioner also said he wished to see Britain take refugees from other regions, not just Syria. This is further conformation that the UN has departed from the traditional definition of what makes one a refugee, with it now seemingly encompassing any non-European who fancies an an extended holiday in Europe.

Worryingly, his comments after meeting with government ministers suggest that the cabinet is willing to acquiesce to the UN demands; “We had good discussions about possible ideas about what can be done post-2020 and the Government is open to discussing this and to learn the lessons from what is ongoing at the moment.”

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Remarkably, Mr Turk also asserted that communities in rural parts of the country were desperate to welcome refugees, thereby demonstrating he’s never spoken to anybody in England outside of London.

However, such half-truths and falsehoods are to be expected from representatives of the United Nations. After all, these are the people who drafted the plans for the systematic replacement of native Europeans in their own homelands.

No, really. In the year 2000 the United Nations released a bulletin entitled “Replacement Migration“, in which they identified a cluster of western nations, along with South Korea and Japan, whom they designated for mass immigration.

They claim that in doing so, they are solving our supposed ageing population problem. However, given the establishment’s psychotic hatred of anything civilised, one could be forgiven for assuming a much more sinister motive entirely.

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