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UK: Non-White Baby Boom Contributes To Record Population Growth

Theresa May with a product of the third world baby boom

It is often said – usually in the wake of a terrorist attack or the unearthing of yet another Asian rape scandal – that England is finished, that there is not hope or that we have lost our ability to defend ourselves adequately. This is of course hyperbole. There is widespread anger about many of these issues, particularly terrorism. As awareness about the Asian rape gang crisis grows, that too is causing considerable disquiet amongst the ordinary English middle classes. These things in themselves do not signify that “England is finished”.

What does however spell the end of England as we know it is the demographic crisis that this once-great nation faces. This is an issue that is often overlooked by ordinary people, for it is more politically acceptable to protest against the Islamic faith than people of another colour out-breeding the native population. There are other reasons that this is overlooked, such as insulation from the issue due to the “white flight” phenomenon – unless one lives in a major city, the average Englishman is somewhat sheltered from ‘diversity’, insofar as immigrants and the immigrant descended population tend not to frequent the countryside.

There are other reasons too, such as the inability of many to truly appreciate the gravity of the situation. That is to say that they either don’t want to believe that the numbers are stacked against us, or if they do believe it they often don’t openly care for the topic. This is because the hard science behind racialism is now either discredited or criminalised, not because it’s incorrect but rather because it’s politically incorrect. The notion that you can’t say something even if it’s true purely because it displeases a segment of the population has worked even more effectively than even the original architects of such a theory could have ever predicted. It has changed what every sane man knew to be true prior to the second world war.

Nevertheless, not wanting to believe it or talk about it or see it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a problem. There is, and it’s a big problem. Native English people are reproducing at such a lowly rate that nobody can even say with any accuracy what this rate is. The official figures show that UK-born mothers have a fertility rate of 1.78 per mother, up from 1.6 a decade previously. The problem with this statistic is that it demonstrates how non-European immigrants and their descendants have artificially bolstered the ‘native’ birthrate. Due to the British nationality being a civic identity, anybody who was born here can now claim to be a native and is recorded as such in the fertility statistics.

What we do know is the fertility rates of women born in foreign lands who have their children here. For instance, Somali women have an average of 4.19 children each, whilst those born in Afghanistan and Pakistan have on average 4.25 and 3.82 children respectively, in the United Kingdom. There is no evidence to suggest that these birthrates fall in line with western birthrates as the next generation comes through, particularly when one considers that these groups are likely to be welfare recipients and more likely to live in households that have less than progressive views on the role of women in society, to put it mildly.

And these startling statistics are starting to show through in the population growth figures. In a recent government report, we learned that the population of the United Kingdom grew by 538,000 between July 2015 and June 2016, the greatest rate of population increase for over 70 years. This can be broken down into two types of growth; firstly, net immigration, which accounted for 336,000, or 62.4% of the overall growth. 35.8% of the population growth was technically organic, meaning the difference between births and deaths in this country. Yes, despite what we are told about an ageing population, more people are born each year than die, with the difference being in the region of 200,000.

Taking the aforementioned fertility rate statistics into account, one can safely assume that the bulk of this ‘organic’ growth, if not all of it, is as a result of the high fertility rates of foreigners, in particular third world foreigners. This non-white baby boom is in essence the future population growth of the United Kingdom. The fertility rates of native English, Welsh, Scots and Irish are so low that they are effectively being replaced by the third world, who will instead inherit the land and institutions of the United Kingdom.

This can be seen through other demographic studies too. For example Ireland, a recent recipient of mass third world immigration, has the youngest population in Europe. Similarly, Birmingham – England’s second city – is the youngest city in all of Europe (and coincidentally the Jihad capital of Western Europe). The majority of this next baby booming generation is the product of immigration. For instance, it is no coincidence whatsoever that Birmingham is now less than 50% native white English whilst also having such a young population. In the 10 years between 2001 and 2011, the white share of the population declined by nearly 13%, whilst Asian, Black and mixed race populations of the same city grew by 6%, 3% and 2% respectively during the same time period.

This worrying trend can be seen repeating itself across England’s major cities, as well as further afield on the European continent. The myth of an ageing population is being shattered by a third world baby boom that will become the vast bulk of future generations. Not only is this greatly concerning, it is also difficult to challenge. The accepted narrative states that if a person is born with just one foot in a country, they are automatically ‘from’ that country, therefore it is difficult to challenge this without being told “they’re just as British as you are, bigot”.

Of course, you and I know this to be a fallacy.

But the truth is, time and numbers are heavily against us. Within a generation, another large percentage chunk of the native British population will have been displaced by those from the third world. Whilst now we talk about England being just 79% native, in 15 years’ time this could likely be 65%, then just 50% in another 15 years. Within a few generational cycles, there simply won’t be the numbers left to protest this displacement. It’s all very well for the Paul Joseph Watsons of this world to rant and rave about Islam all day long, but every hour that passes means a few less British people and a few more third world people. Irrespective of religious orientation, Britain won’t be British for very much longer.

It is through this means that Britain will be truly finished. Not terrorist attacks, not rape scandals, not even poverty or the descent into violence and unrest; no, Britain will be destroyed by a demographic time bomb that will detonate. There’s no blue wire you can cut to stop the timer, and no amount of armour that can protect you. This bomb is gaining momentum and will go off. A silent killer, festering away under the surface of civil society whilst natives go about their business in peaceful oblivion.

Dim, yes, but there are very few alternatives. Of course, there are answers to this but they are unpalatable and very difficult to to realise. For now, the only answer is to continue to fight the information war. People must be aware of the demographic peril in which this country finds herself and, perhaps more importantly, they must come to understand why this is a problem. This must be exposed as the threat it is, not out of hate for foreigners, but out of a natural desire to preserve what generations of Englishmen have built and what future generations of Englishmen deserve to inherit.


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