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UK Minister in Secret Israeli Meeting Scandal

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Cabinet Minister Priti Patel is set to be sacked by the Prime Minister after details emerged of undisclosed meetings Ms Patel held with senior Israeli officials. The International Development Secretary was ordered to cut short an official visit to Uganda today and return to Downing St for talks with Theresa May.

The controversy began when it emerged that Patel had met with Israeli government officials in August whilst on an unofficial visit to the country. It’s believed that she met with senior Israeli government officials as many as a dozen times to discuss the spending of UK taxpayers’ money on Zionist projects without permission from the Foreign Office.

Some sources have also expressed concern that Patel discussed reducing her department’s financial aid for the Palestinian territories during the August meetings in Israel. Israeli PM Benjamin Netenyahu is currently in London meeting with Patel’s boss, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

But it has now come to light that Patel held further meetings with Israeli Security Minister Gilad Erdan in September, which she then failed to disclose even after her unauthorised August trip was discovered by the government.

Israeli official Erdan tweeted a picture of himself with Ms Patel after their meeting in London on 7th September, stating that he is pleased to be working with her to combat “attempts to delegitimise the state of Israel”.

It is thought that her meetings with officials in August focused on the possibility of using UK taxpayers’ money to help fund the medical treatment of ambiguously named “Syrian refugees” in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights region of Syria.

This is something that UK taxpayers need to be made aware of and should be very concerned about; Israel’s well-documented treatment of Syrian fighters – not refugees – is a matter of proven public record. The IDF medics have in essence been acting as the medical team for al-Nusra, al-Qaeda, various other Islamist groups and even ISIS – and this is what our esteemed International Development Minister seeks to discreetly commit UK taxpayers’ money to.

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It is no wonder that Ms Patel was less than candid about her meetings with the Israelis. The information that has come to light since has led many to question her allegiances; is she working toward the UK’s best interests, or is she simply another agent of Zionism operating under an unspoken “Israel First” policy?

Labour MP John Trickett raised this very issue in a letter to the Prime Minister, stating that the UK must not have a freelance foreign policy. He and other senior Labour Party figures have called for an investigation, with one source questioning her allegiance to the British Crown. Of course, somebody somewhere will accuse anybody who objects to such collusion as “antisemitic”.

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