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UK: African Bus Driver Verbally Assaults Disabled Passenger

African Bus Driver Disabled Passenger

In yet another example of diversity failure, an African bus driver has been caught on camera refusing to allow a disabled wheelchair user to board her bus.

The man, upon noticing the bus was rather busy, simply asked the driver to comply with the law in asking passengers to vacate the disabled access area of the vehicle.

But instead she launched a passive-aggressive verbal tirade against the man, first of all claiming there was no law protecting disabled passengers, then complaining that she was being filmed – they don’t like their foul manners exposed.

“Selfish” and “ignorant” were the driver’s appraisals of a man whose only crime was seeking to get home. “No one put you in there but we must show you pity because the law”, she said to him.

The Supreme Court ruled in January of this year that bus drivers were obliged to do more to make public transport more accessible to disabled passengers.

Although this driver, a vibrant example of how pleasant and accommodating our guests are, seems to think the law doesn’t apply to her.

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