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The Truth About EU-Poland Row


Over the course of the last week, Poland has once again found herself the victim of frenzied verbal attacks from the globalist pawns at the European Union. The technocrats in Brussels have even threatened what the media have called the “nuclear option” in reference to Article 7 of the Lisbon Treaty, a punitive clause which can withdraw some or all of the rights of member states in light of a “serious breach” of EU law and regulation.

The Polish State’s latest ‘crime’ in the eyes of the European Elite is a piece of legislation passed into law last week, which gives the president powers to remove and replace supreme court judges. The EU political class view this as a dismemberment of the separation between the legislative and judicial branches of government, giving too much power to the ruling PiS (Law & Justice Party) – a nationalist political party that coincidentally the EU elite dislike immensely.

One wonders if they would complain had Frau Merkel just brought in a similar law?

What the European clique conceal from the public when condemning the Polish state is the context in which this legislation has been brought forward. This is not simply a desire by a party to install judges sympathetic to their views, but rather it is a drive to cleanse Poland of communist influence that still plagues the nation nearly 3 decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Many of the judges are leftover from times when Marxists appointed the judiciary, therefore this legislation is necessary as a corrective measure to prevent leftist judicial activists from working against the interests of the people, as they do in the west.

As we all know, the judicial activists of the west see their position as not just a platform from which they are to interpret the law, but a position of influence they can use to pervert the law to match up with their decadent, Marxist ambitions. This is the subtext of this latest fiasco which is being carefully side-stepped whenever the Polish state is being attacked. How can a nationalist government – elected by popular will – be expected to govern to the people’s wishes if they have a globalist judiciary intent on thwarting their every move?

But, as Hungary also found in recent months, this singular issue is not necessarily the driving force behind the EU’s vehement attacks on the Polish state. In Hungary, the European Union attacked the state’s stance on refugees and ‘diversity’ but only for the purposes of putting a trendy face on the much more disturbing reality. The Hungarian government’s energy policies are deemed to be in contradiction with laissez-faire EU economic policy, which is code of course for the Hungarian state preventing the giant capitalist pals of the EU elite from buying up their energy sector.

As an interesting piece of supplementary information, Hungary’s energy sector is almost exclusively state-owned and its people enjoy the cheapest energy prices in the entire European Union.

The EU elite has a similar issue with the Polish state. Every since the PiS swept to power in 2015, those in Brussels have picked fault at every turn. First they disguised their attacks under the guise of “concerns about press freedom”, then they picked civil liberties in general. Next of course was their well publicised condemnation of the Polish state’s refusal to accept Brussels-imposed migrant quotas and now, they feign concern about the independence of the Polish judiciary.

The reality is much more cynical. The European Union, 85% of who’s legislative process is influenced by the 30,000-strong group of corporate lobbyists stationed permanently in the Belgian capital, is primarily concerned with the Law & Justice’s attitude toward economic policy. Not only is the Polish state nationalist in a social sense, but also economically. Their primary philosophy is to regain sovereignty over their economic mechanisms from foreign capital and ensure that the economy works not merely to line the pockets of foreign investors, but to the advantage of the Polish people.

An insight into the philosophy of the PiS government can be taken from comments their Development Minister gave to the EU Observer in early 2016; “We need to become less dependent on foreign capital, especially in such crucial, strategic sectors like media, banks or energy. Therefore we need to support and mobilise national investments.” This, coupled with the Prime Minister’s promise to regain the media and the banks from foreign influence, demonstrates quite clearly what the real problem is in the eyes of the EU elite.

In reality, a member state of the European Union can break any rule it likes provided the sanctity of market “freedom” is preserved. For instance, who would have guessed that it is in fact liberal Sweden who breaks more EU regulation than any other state? But of course, the European Union will never take any action against Sweden because there is nothing occurring that is to the distaste of the financiers of the continent. Provided the IMF and ECB (European Central Bank) are content, there is nothing a member state can’t reasonably get away with.

However, it goes without saying that the vast majority of the European elite are most unhappy with Poland’s stance on the migrant crisis. Along with Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic, Poland has refused to be swamped with foreigners from the third world which has caused ripples in the country’s relationship with Brussels. This only serves to sour the current row over judicial independence, but all of these facades can be shown in context of the undercurrent that is the Polish state’s refusal to bow down in economic submission to the international banking cartel.

What the future holds for this region of Eastern Europe is anybody’s guess, but you can rest assured that the attacks against the Polish state will only intensify until the current government either falls, or acquiesces to the desires of the Brussels financiers. Expect to see “mass” protests of bussed in, faux outraged useful idiots, ‘colour revolutions’ and more, in Poland and Hungary. They will claim that civil society is against the government. They will cry persecution and corruption.

Don’t be fooled.

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