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Terrorist Group ANTIFA Lay Siege to Hamburg

You’d be forgiven for thinking it’s 1917, but the level of violence and destruction by the far-left terrorist group Antifa in Hamburg, far surpasses the mindless aggression of their communist forerunners a century earlier.

Under the pretence of protesting against the G20 summit, Trump and capitalism, black-clad, middle-class students and the unemployed have rampaged through the suburbs of Hamburg, burning cars and smashing shop windows.

Black-clad, terrorist thugs of Antifa
Black-clad, terrorist thugs of Antifa

Late in June, communist groups had announced a demonstration which they had dubbed ‘Welcome to Hell’, with the promise that there would be chaos and fire. The police department issued a warning, not to the far-left, but to ordinary citizens, that they should expect 10,000 communists, and therefore violence.

When Antifa weren’t burning cheap VWs belonging to everyday people, they managed to destroy 13 Porsches and cause £1.3m worth of damage at one showroom.

This comes after Antifa were designated as a Domestic Terrorist Group by New Jersey’s Homeland Security office, itself a reaction to escalating far-left violence across the USA;  such as the clashes at Berkeley and Laguna Beach, where Antifa were defeated in humiliating fashion.

Antifa's Fires in Hamburg
Antifa’s Fires in Hamburg

Whilst American branches of Antifa are violent, they are known to be far less dangerous than their European comrades. Which begs the question, when will Europe take appropriate action to curb the red menace which threatens stable, peaceful communities?

The scenes in Hamburg juxtaposed against images from Trump’s visit to Warsaw, present a stark contrast between growing nationalist sentiment in Poland – a country which still has a national memory of genuine communism – and the spoiled brats of Western Europe. Incidentally, the contrast between Warsaw and Hamburg presents, in microcosm, the wider battle between the poorer, Western Nationalist classes and the middle-class globalists who have betrayed the former.

Anti-Trump, Globalist media has so far refused to describe Antifa as rioters, preferring instead to call them ‘protesters’, whilst in the background  – in one of the most civilised countries in the world – burned out cars spew toxic fumes into the sky.

As for for the terrorists, Antifa and ‘black bloc’ have promised further violence for the duration of the G20 summit.

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