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Terrorist Group Black Lives Matter Firebomb London


The UK division of the US domestic terror group Black Lives Matter (BLM) caused chaos last night in Dalston, as mounted police and K-9 units came under attack from Molotov Cocktails, fireworks and stones.

Using the death of Rashan Charles – the drug dealer described as a ‘great father’ by locals – as justification for civil unrest, BLM activists have spent the last week urging the local ethnic minority community to ‘protest’ against what they describe as ‘police brutality’.

The trouble began at around 4pm on Friday, when some 80 protestors laid seige to the shop where Rashan Charles died whilst resisting arrest.

Shop owners were forced to close early, as the rioters began smashing windows, spraying graffiti on store fronts and looting local businesses – echoing previous riots in the capital city.

By mid-evening, a masked gang had attempted to setup a roadblock using wheelie bins, traffic cones and rubbish bags. Terrified commuters told of being surrounded by aggressive youths as they were unable to drive away. The blockade was only ended when a determined lorry-driver drove straight through the barrier and destroyed it.

As the evening went on, the violence and terror escalated to the point where restaurants and bars took the decision to lock their customers inside, with the staff of the local Tesco using disability scooters and trollies to barricade themselves inside the store.

Having deployed hundreds of officers, police dogs, mounted divsions and two helicopters, the police were finally able to bring the situation to a close around midnight.

A Police spokesman confirmed that the force had been prepared for unrest, but that violence against police officers was ‘not what the family of Rashan Charles wanted’.

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Meanwhile, it has been reported that Rashan Charles died following his attempt to ingest bags of class-A substances – this revelation diminished BLM’s power to incite unrest. Subsequently, the Dalston riot was significantly smaller than the 2011 London Riots, which themselves were a response to the justified shooting of armed criminal Mark Duggan.

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