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Swedish Government to Ban Websites Which List Ethnicity of Criminals

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The Swedish government has proposed a ban of the public use of an internet search platform for legal documents called Lexbase, which lists the ethnic origins of convicted criminals.

The government’s reason is that the information that is published on this website is too sensitive for public use, that it should be limited to lawyers, journalists and investigators.

“Thus, it will be possible for a website to prohibit services in some cases where you can search and compile information on, for example, political opinions, religion, skin color, health and sexual orientation, or criminal sentences.” – according to the Swedish newspaper Di.

Even after years-long attempts to obfuscate the ethnic origin of some of the worst criminals, the public still receives information about the origins of criminals thanks to numerous activists who because of various legal boundaries risk imprisonment for the publishing of such documents.

These days, because of participating in such endeavors, the police is once again targeting activists form the Nordic Resistance Movement, who together with the portal Gangrape Sweden have published some 80 thousand names of convicted criminals in Sweden.

This is yet another attempt by the Swedish authorities to crack down on the freedom of its citizens so that it can hide the fact that its dream of a multikulti utopia cannot ever work. Diversity in crime apparently is not the sort of diversity that Sweden was looking for. Hiding the facts is the only way that they can keep up this suicidal policy of multiculturalism.


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