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Swedish Democrats Boycott TV4 After Abusive Tweets


SWEDEN: The Swedish Democrats (SD) have announced that they will not respond to journalistic requests from TV4 since a journalist on the TV channel encouraged attacks against SD leader Jimmie Åkesson.

Jimmie Åkesson’s home got attacked, Tuesday night, May 16th. His partner, Louise Erixon, describes the attack on the couple’s home as the worst one yet.

Jimmie Åkesson and his partner live in Sölvesborg, but according to information to Expressen, he was not at home when his residence was attacked.


“Talk shit, get shot” and “Blame yourself, clown”

Christoffer Eriksson, a sports journalist on TV4, encouraged attacks against Jimmie Åkesson on his private Twitter account. He later deleted his Twitter account after garnering the attention of Swedish media.

“Because you understand, Jimmie is a Nazi. He, Kent, Linus, Andrew and others, they are Nazis. And the Nazis have no place in rooms with us.”

“They are a bug in the system which shall be corrected. Their political heritage consists of hatred, terror and violence. This pit as he dug himself.”

Eriksson finished his rant saying that Åkesson was  “Sweden’s biggest coward,” and called him a “wimp.”

Sweden Democrat press officer Henrik Vinge reacted to the Tweets saying, “It is absolutely disgusting. If TV4 do not act on this, it’s a huge scandal.”


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