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Sweden Teaches Toddlers About Transsexualism


Liberal lunacy is rife in today’s epoch, and Sweden has brought upon itself the unfortunate tag of being the hub of this collective societal psychosis. The latest in a long line of ridiculous initiatives, from Sweden of course, is the new push to teach toddlers about transsexualism.

It need not be said that this transcends the spheres of education and politics, with this latest book, “The Horse Who Wanted to be a Dog“, emitting the foul odour of liberal political indoctrination.

The book, developed by Susanne Pelger, an Associate Professor at the University of Lind and a PhD in Genetics, attempts to teach toddlers than being transsexual is akin to a role-play game, in which we can all indulge our childish fantasies and fetishes.

According to Pelger, “gender is not as simple as XX and XY chromosomes… there are other variants” – of course, in typically liberal fashion, she did not explain to the questioning media what these variants are, instead preferring to simply tell us it’s “very complex”.

In describing the book, publishing house IDUS had this to say:

“It’s a book about horse and its owner, who might actually be a dog and a woman, about a man who may identify himself as a woman and a horse that identifies itself as a dog and would therefore like to do all the doggy stuff like gnawing bones, chasing cats and fetching.”

Interestingly – and this is a matter of interest in all gender-related discourse – the term used throughout this debacle is ‘identify’, demonstrating that even the chief dissemination agents of this perversion of science acknowledge that it’s nothing more than one thing pretending to be another.

However, the effects that flagrant liberal propaganda such as this could have a very real and serious consequences for the minds of an entire generation. To teach such impressionable minds that they need no longer be bound by the laws of science and nature, is to sow the seeds of psychosis  in all of society.

After all, it is no mystery that over around 50% of self-identifying transsexuals commit suicide. These are very sick people, and to present this behind the facade of normality will do untold damage to Swedish children.

A more prudent approach could be to teach children the reality of psychology, so that they can grow up with a will to understand and help others recover, rather than growing up only for themselves to become patients.

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