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Stockholm: Policeman Stabbed by Afghan “Minor”

Police Officer Stabbed by Moroccan Child

Policeman Ted Eriksson, 33, was stabbed in the neck by an Afghan “minor” on Thursday in an unprovoked attack in Björns trädgård, a park near the Medborgarplatsen public square in central Stockholm. There was some confusion at first regarding the identity and nationality of the perpetrator, with alternative media outlets being told by police sources that the man was one of the hundreds so called Moroccan “street children” that have been sleeping rough in Stockholm since at least 2015, while regularly mugging our citizens and sexually assaulting our girls and women. However, the Expressen newspaper reported today that the suspect of the stabbing requires a Dari interpreter to be able to communicate with the police, Dari being one of the official languages in Afghanistan. Also today, a spokesman for the Swedish Prosecution Authority told Fria Tider that the knifeman’s name is Hussaini Mohammad. He claims to be 17 years old, but witnesses initially said he seemed to be in his 30s.

This all but confirms the gut feeling many of us had when news of the event broke, namely that there was a connection of some kind to the Afghan protest on Medborgarplatsen, which moved to Norra Bantorget yesterday (the move was planned in advance and approved by the police, and was not caused by the incident on Thursday).

Daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter, owned by the Jewish Bonnier family, on Friday published an article about the attack with the headline “He is feeling very, very unwell”. Interestingly, this did not refer to the injured (but now recovering) policeman, but was said by the perpetrator’s lawyer about his client. The lawyer went on to explain why we should feel sorry for the guy, pointing to his “young age” and “poor mental health”. The newspaper effectively provides a platform for the lawyer’s apologetics, in a way I don’t remember seeing in international press for similar events. This tactic of trying to make the Swedish public sympathise with non-white perpetrators has been applied before, notably by National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson, who in an infamous interview following the murder of Alexandra Mezher expressed his despair for “what the [murderer] might have gone through” in his life, and “the circumstances he might have grown up with.”

One of the foremost nationalist podcasts in Sweden highlighted on Thursday that when our politicians tell us that we have to get used to acts of terrorism committed on our soil, it goes without saying that the police are not somehow exempt from this, but will be affected just like the rest of us.

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