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Sweden: Migrants Sexually Assaulting Schoolgirls On ‘Industrial Scale’

migrants raping sweden schoolgirls

Thanks to the Swedish government’s short-sighted, dangerous mass immigration policies, not only are Sweden’s people having to contend with rising levels of violence and terrorism, it has also transpired that migrant ‘children’ are sexually assaulting Swedish girls in classrooms right across the country.

Investigative journalist Joakim Lamotte has made the claim after visiting schools around Sweden, also claiming that children or teachers who dare to speak out about this epidemic of sexual violence are branded ‘racist’. Lamotte, who used to work for Sweden’s state broadcaster SVT, is not allowing such concerns to prevent him from speaking out about the issue, declaring in a recent Facebook post “I refuse to be silent about this”.

“I refuse to be silent about this. Then I would not be able to look myself in the eye. So I ask you who are silent about this: politicians, policy makers and school managers. Can you see yourself in the eyes when you get up in the morning?”

– Joakim Lamotte

Lamotte, who travels to schools to talk to students about sexual abuse, reported that many young girls recounted their recent experiences with foreigners in schools. It is not uncommon to hear female students say that they no longer feel safe in the corridors, that they can’t take the bus home because it isn’t safe, and that they won’t walk to or from school unaccompanied.

Of course, rather than deal with the problem, the authorities would prefer to taint the victim. “They are called racists when they talk about their reality and what they face” from the staff at the schools, reports Lamotte, who has spent more than 18 months visiting different schools around the country. He says that time and time again, the same stories unfold at each educational institution he visits.

Worryingly, he has also found that a lot of these foreign children are not children at all. A recent report into this issue looked at a cross section of migrants from different backgrounds, and in one instance found that of a group of 50 Moroccan immigrants claiming to be children, 48 were in fact adults.

This is not a new phenomenon for the authorities to contend with. It is common knowledge in Sweden, as it is in Germany and Austria too, that many migrants claim to be underage to receive preferential treatment by way of a free education, better accommodation and of course, lighter sentences for any crimes committed – such as raping natives.

Lamotte’s claims about the sheer scale of sexual abuse going on in Swedish schools is worrying in the extreme, yet it is an issue that the authorities seem unwilling to address. Despite all of their tough talk in the aftermath of the terror attack in Stockholm, very little has changed in the way of policy and fewer than expected deportations are taking place.

Despite the fact that up to 80,000 foreigners in Sweden have been found to have no right to be in the country at all, deportations have been conducted at a snail’s pace. In any case, left-wing groups are ensuring that the authorities in Sweden are having a very tough time indeed in actually enforcing immigration law.

Some Swedes have taken Stockholm Syndrome – pun intended – to an entirely new level. A recent social media campaign in the country using the hashtag #skickamejistället (send me instead) took off, in which groups of left-wing activists protesting the deportation of Afghans are offering to take their places on the planes home.

It is no wonder then, that a country with attitudes such as this is suffering the problems with foreigners that appear to be endemic in Western Europe today. As with all of these cases, Lamotte’s report into sexual violence in schools is likely to be the tip of the iceberg. As ever, his findings have not and will not be given any airtime by the controlled, pro-immigration media.

They would prefer to see their own girls get raped than ever risk such ghastly accusations such as ‘racism’.

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