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Sweden: Man Stabbed to Death in “Honour Killing” For Refusing to Murder his Daughters

man stabbed

News broke on Wednesday of an horrific “honour killing” that was carried out near Falun, Sweden, in May this year. A man was Stabbed to death.

A 46-year-old man had allegedly been instructed by a 50-year-old relative to “execute” his two eldest daughters, which the 46-year-old refused to do. After some time had passed, the man was deceived into joining his relative on a “fishing trip” on the Stensjön lake, during which he was then killed by multiple stabs to the throat with a pair of scissors. The prosecutor has claimed that the reason behind this was an “honour conflict”.

Swedish state television reports that the conflict began when the daughters of the 46-year-old shook hands with boys. The family disapproved of this, leading to the 50-year-old relative demanding that the 46-year-old murder his own daughters. According to the wife of the victim, rumours started circulating that the girls had been “snogging” with boys, which worsened the conflict. The man stood up for his daughters, and severed ties with the 50-year-old relative.

The defendant denies that there was an “honour” motive behind what happened, and claims that he was “attacked and offended” by the victim. Expressing his remorse, he said:

– What is done is done, there is nothing I can do to change that.

On Thursday it emerged that the victim as well as the defendant were relatives of Fadime Sahindal, who was murdered by her father in 2002 – also in an honour killing – and became a nationwide symbol for this whole phenomenon.

Court proceedings for the Stensjön killing are due to start on 29th August at the Falun district court, and are expected to last three days.

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