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Sweden: Major Cover up of False Asylum Stories revealed

False asylum story

The national radio station Sveriges Radio has uncovered a large network of false asylum story sellers, who make it easier to acquire residence in Sweden.

“I was rejected and feared deportation back to Iran. Then I heard that there are people who can help with asylum.” Said the buyer of one of those stories, ‘Hamid’.

“I was able to find a regime-critical blog that had been active for several years. I had to take it over and then they helped me to update it as if it had always been me.”

With the help of this false story, ‘Hamid’ was granted a residence permit.

After reading a few such stories and finding many sites with false stories and offers of help to get a residence permit through lying, journalists of Sveriges Radio, got in touch with a ‘seller’ of stories. They pretended that they wanted to smuggle their ‘brother’ into the country, even though the ‘brother’ has no legal right to come. – We fix what’s needed, promised the man on the phone.


The journalists soon got an offer in which the ‘brother’ would have a story of a history as a regime critic, and he would be trained to present his fictional story. The ‘brother’ would receive an invitation from a company to give him a visa to go to Sweden.

Then he would receive both counseling and background evidence to be able to present his fictional asylum report to the Migration Board, said the man.

The price of the entire package would be approximately 60,000 SEK, and would be “100 percent successful”.

Operations such as these are conducted from a variety of sites, Sveriges Radio found at least three sites in Arabic who try to make money by selling false asylum stories and tailored packages for those who want to come to Sweden.

The journalists tried to get ‘Hamid’ to reveal more but when he realised that the journalists were able to identify him he cut all contact. He is a Swedish citizen, and he is actually called something else.

The problem in Sweden is that the police is stretched too thin. They cannot deal with all the crime that has befallen the country as of late. A liberal media combined with a liberal government and their pro-immigrant stance makes the job of the Swedish police that much harder.

This is yet another way in which people have tried to get into European countries through illegal means. The hard work of the journalists at Sveriges Radio has brought this story into the light and while we thank them we should be wary of those asylum claims. As has been revealed many times before, they are often illegitimate.

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