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Sweden Cancels Music Festival Amid Rape Chaos


Organisers of Bråvalla Music Festival have cancelled next year’s event due to an unprecedented surge in migrant sex crimes against Swedish women.

Between the 28th of June and the 1st of July, there were 4 rapes and 23 cases of sexual assault reported to the police at the festival, prompting fans to announce their intention never to return to the festival in the future.

This comes after the 2016 event – which was condemned as ‘hideous’ by Music stars – where 5 rapes and 12 sexual assaults were reported.

Bråvalla is one of two Swedish festivals which suffer extraordinary levels of sexual violence, the other is the free festival known as Pukke I Parten – where, in 2016, there were 35 cases of sexual assault, with Swedish girls as young as 12 amongst the victims.

In response to a national epidemic of sex crimes linked to Sweden’s globalist immigration policies, Swedish police have taken anti-rape measures, such as ordering Swedish women to wear bracelets which ask migrants not to rape them.

After becoming associated with migrant sex-attacks, the festival has experienced a 7,000 dip in ticket sales since last year’s event, which festival organisers blamed on “certain men” being unable to “behave.”

Gemma Lindstrom, who was a festivalgoer at Bravalla, said:

“I reported a group of men to a steward, because they were acting suspiciously. I could hear them talking, but it wasn’t Swedish. They were pointing at girls and they weren’t interested in the music or the musicians. The steward said he couldn’t do anything.”

Following the now infamous organised mass rape by migrant-gangs on New Year’s Eve in Malmo, a spokesman for the police explained that it is now official police policy not to comment on the ethnic background of perpetrators.

Once one of the safest countries in the world, Sweden has become a magnet for fake ‘refugees’ from the middle-east, subsequently, the number of cases of sexual violence against Swedish women by migrant men has skyrocketed.

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