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Sweden: 372.5% Increase in HIV Cases

Sweden HIV Increase

Shocking figures from Sweden suggest that HIV infection rates in the country have increased by 372.5% in just a decade. The statistics, reported by media site 24Malmö, have been attributed to the large spike in immigration from the third-world seen during the same time period.

In 2006, 1,648 people sought treatment for HIV in Sweden, but in 2016 that figure had risen to 6,273.

Only 16% of the cases reported in 2016 were in people who actually contracted the virus in Sweden, proving that an open door to the third-world is entirely the problem.

HIV infection rates remained fairly constant between the 1980’s and the early 21st century, at around 300 per annum. It is no surprise then, that as Sweden opened the door to the third-world in the first decade of this century, HIV infection rates have increased in direct correlation with the increase in immigration levels.

The most popular countries of origin of Sweden’s more recent migrants are places like Iraq, Afghanistan and sub-Saharan Africa, places where sanitation is unheard of and personal hygiene severely lacking.


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