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News » Sutherland Springs massacre: another anti-christian attack?

Sutherland Springs massacre: another anti-christian attack?

Devin Kelley is the name of the man who massacred 26 people in a Texan Baptist Christian Church in Sutherland Springs, a small town with around 1000 inhabitants. Every time there is a shooting like this every single person will always ask themselves: Why?

Devin Kelley is a 26 years old man with a past in the American Airforce, from 2010 to 2014. Kelley was dishonorably discharged for misconduct, he was found guilty of beating his wife and son. As President Donald Trump said: “Very deranged”

The official story says that Kelley reached the Church, shot 2 people outside it and then entered the building and killed the people inside. The shooter was wearing all black clothing and a bulletproof vest, he did not say a thing but just started shooting and killing without mercy.

Allegedly Kelley exchanged fire with a neighbor after he left the church and was likely wounded by the weapon carrying law abiding citizen. After a short exchange of fire, Kelley ran off with a SUV and later died. The cause of his death is not yet certain, there are 2 possibilities: he either committed suicide or he bled out because of the wound caused by the neighbor who allegedly shot him.

Social media and news sources immediately started trying to find the real motive behind this horrible attack; leftists once again blamed this on guns and started cowardly using this fresh massacre as a tool to promote gun control, whereas many other people started digging through Kelley’s social media like Facebook and Linkedin and found interesting stories.

Apparently, the killer was a convinced atheist and believer of organizations like the Civil Rights Movements which are often the same organizations praised and loved by leftists. Could this have been another attack on Christians?


“Causes devin cares about: Animal Welfare, Arts and Culture, Civil Rights and Social Action, Environment”

Earlier this year I covered a story of a black nationalist Muslim from Sudan who attacked, targeted and killed white Christians, this episode could be in a way in the same category: anti-christian.

Imagine if the shooter attacked a Mosque and killed tens of Muslims, what do you think the mainstream media would do? Cry about Islamophobia, blame Trump and white supremacy. But when churches are attacked? It’s just a criminal with a gun, let’s get gun control laws now! This is your mind on liberalism.

Christians are being killed all around the world on a daily basis but what we are being told every single day is that Islam is the most persecuted religion. Lies coming from our politicians who serve the globalist agenda, the same agenda that wants the great replacement to happen. Destroying Christianity is just one step towards the destruction of Western Identity.

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