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Stockholm: 45 Active Murder Investigations

The large number of murder investigations is threatening to “choke the entire system”, a senior official says.

Aside from the ongoing murder investigations, there are around 70 pending investigations into attempted murder or attempted manslaughter within Greater Stockholm.

The bulk of the murders currently being investigated have taken place in the Swedish capital’s “diverse” northwestern suburbs, such as Tensta and Kista. As recently as last Thursday, a man was brutally stabbed to death in Tensta in a seemingly unprovoked attack.

Gunnar Appelgren, coordinator of the “Mareld” project* aimed at controlling crime in Stockholm’s most deprived (and, incidentally, immigrant-infested) areas, is concerned about this year’s sharp rise in murder investigations, saying that their sheer number is threatening to “choke” the entire investigation system.

Dan Eliasson, the utterly incompetent National Police Commissioner, unsurprisingly blames the increased number of murders on “socio-economic issues” in the deprived areas. He says that the police themselves cannot revert this negative development, but that investment in schools, healthcare and “inclusion” is necessary.

The “vibrant” suburbs situated around the Järvafältet nature area in north-west Stockholm have been notorious ever since their introduction in the 1960s as part of the so called Million Programme for public housing. Around 60 radical islamists living in this area are being monitored by the Swedish Security Service. Shootings and stabbings are pretty much everyday occurrences. Moreover, the area rose to international “prominence” in 2013 during the Stockholm riots, which centered around Husby.

Kista has long been known as “Sweden’s Silicon Valley” due to the large concentration of tech companies based in the area. However, as the consequences of Sweden’s immigration policy have become increasingly noticeable in the hub, companies have abandoned it. Last year, a memo was leaked in which Ericsson’s head of security warned the company’s employees of the large number of crimes committed in the area, urging employees to only walk along well-lit streets if leaving the office late at night.

* Mareld translates as “milky seas”, with the reference to the milky sea phenomenon presumably alluding to the police’s hopes of exposing crime.

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