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News » The Plight of the Afrikaners: Boers Under Attack

The Plight of the Afrikaners: Boers Under Attack

EFF murderous slogan

The Afrikaners are in a dangerous situation. They are unfairly targeted and attacked because of their skin colour. They are a persecuted minority, and the mainstream Media refuse to expose their plight.

Brief History of South Africa

The land of South Africa was settled around the 17th century by Dutch colonists, mostly farmers. They faced opposition from the invading tribes from the north – the Bantu – Zulu people who greatly displaced the native ethnic groups. Both the white and black population of South African are colonists. The only natives to South Africa are the Khoisan or Bushmen. The only reason there are some of them left is because the Dutch colonised the Western part of South Africa and Namibia before the Blacks could move in to finish the extermination of the Khoisan.

It was these Dutch who created the Nation State of South Africa, no one can deny that the architecture of South Africa is European. So yes in that sense it is their country. But ever since they handed the country over to the black majority, things have gotten worse and worse.

South Africa of Today

White South Africans or Afrikaners make up around 8 percent of the population and declining, there are around 400.000 Whites living in poverty in squatter camps because of extensive affirmative action laws created by the ruling ANC party. Businesses with a majority black percentage of employees and management get preferential treatment form the government.

Afrikaners have been used as a scapegoat by the incompetent president Zuma to hide the fact that the ANC has run the country’s economy into the ground. He has been seen promoting anti-Boer sentiment many times, with this being the most infamous:

The white farmers of South Africa have suffered the most since the end of Apartheid. Being a farmer in South Africa is the most dangerous occupation in the country, more dangerous than being a police officer. Farm attacks are a common occurrence, hundreds of them are carried out every year. Well over 2000 Boers have been murdered in farm attacks between 1991 and the end of 2017, these statistics come mostly from the Transvaal Agricultural Union and not the police, because they have stopped reporting on them,  so in all likelihood the numbers are far higher.

EFF murderous slogan - Afrikaner Plight


Black South African politicians have repeatedly said that they ‘hope’ that blacks won’t ‘have to slaughter whites’ and that ‘we won’t slaughter whites…for now

EFF murderous slogan - Afrikaner Plight

The Afrikaners are in danger. It is beyond denying. They have been trying to get word out for years and their situation has become such that they have taken to the streets in the hundreds to show the world what is happening. Yesterday, ‘Black Monday‘ was held in South Africa during which thousands wore black and protested peacefully to broadcast their message in spite of a government which has been deaf to their pleas.

Our European brothers and sisters in South Africa are being persecuted for the crime of being White and providing food for the country, while European countries accept hundreds of thousands of people who are foreign to us and who come here to take the welfare that is rightfully for Europeans who worked for it, and worse.

The Afrikaners need help, their plight is falling on deaf ears, we have to spread this message far and wide!





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