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South Africa: Bloody farm attack leaves man in his 60’s heavily wounded

The victim’s name is Riaan Scheepers, a white South African farmer. The man was severely attacked, tied up and “left dead” by unknown attackers. Mr. Scheepers is currently being treated at the Netcare Greenacres Hospital in Port Elizabeth and will hopefully fully recover from the serious injuries.

Farm attacks in South Africa have been a growing trend since the end of the Apartheid and increased with the takeover of the ANC in 1994. The situation worsened even more after the death of Nelson Mandela at the end of 2013, the following year (2014) the party called EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) participated in the general elections for the first time. The EFF is a Marxist-Leninist, Panafrican, and Anti-White party led by the infamous power hungry Julius Malema.

Malema has been calling for violence on Boers for a long time and statistics on farm attacks prove it, in the last 3 years there have been over one thousand farm attacks and specifically in 2016-17 farm attacks increased by 27.5%.

Just some days before the attack that left Mr. Scheepers heavily wounded, one woman was assaulted on her own property by an unknown assailant while she was bringing the garbage out. The victim, 62 years old Ethne Hillhouse, lives in Narnia, a small village of 40 houses, with her husband. The attacker tried to bite Mrs. Hillhouse’s rings off her hands as stated on the Oudtshoorn Courant. The victim had no idea how the brutal attacker got inside their closed community.

The victims are often elder Afrikaners or people who are moving alone and are an easy prey. White South Africans are not being helped by the main Government which often looks the other way and are often painted a target on their backs by anti-white communists like the EFF militants and leaders.

Earlier this year in October white farmers staged a protest to stop farm attacks, highways and other roads were blocked for a day of prayers and tears. White South Africans need help and support from their European brothers and sisters, genocide awaits them if the corrupt government and the violent communist will not be stopped.

Sadly their voices are rarely heard in Europe and whenever someone tries to bring the White genocide happening in SA into the European Parlament they get shut down like it recently happened in this video.  It is up to European citizens to step up their game and spread the terrible situation White South Africans are enduring.

Some kids having lunch in one of the South African Family Relief Project settlements

There are thousands of White squatters that are completely ignored in South Africa by the corrupted government, you can help them here.

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