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South Africa: Blacks Burn Down White Farmers’ Homes

Last week here at Defend Europa, we brought you the worrying intel coming out of South Africa that many white people fear genocide and racially motivated civil war within 5 years.

The country has been plagued by anti-white violence ever since the end of the Apartheid system in 1994, with attacks on white farmers in particular accelerating since the death of Nelson Mandela.

In the latest development to this ongoing situation, riots have broken out in the town of Coligny after two white farmers were bailed by magistrates in the case of the death of a black farm worker.

Pieter Doorewaad and Phillip Schutte are accused of causing the death of a black thief whom they apprehended last month. The two Afrikaners made a citizens arrest and attempted to take the thief to the local police station in the back of a truck, from which the thief tried to escape by jumping out, but broke his neck and died.

Two white suspects on trumped up murder charges.

Of course, the facts don’t matter anymore to the Africans; they smell blood.

After the two suspects were released on bail on Monday, violence ensued and black Africans proceeded to riot and burn down the homes of white farmers, along with other white-owned premises including a local hotel.

According to Coligny AGS church minister Dr. Herman Meyer, many shops in the “town are completely destroyed. People who have been living in Coligny for 60 years lost everything within 24 hours.”

This all comes despite the fact that there was no evidence of foul play against Doorewaad and Schutte, with the two being brought before a court and charged with murder via the collusion of local black police and the black public prosecutor.

This latest round of violence against white people in South Africa marks an escalation in tensions in a year that has already seen the president and opposition parties in the country calling for the forcible seizure of white-owned land, without compensation.

Since the end of Apartheid, over 70,000 whites have been murdered in South Africa. White farmers have been targeted in particular, with over 4,000 farm murders in the past 2 decades.

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