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Sikh Gang Smuggled 69 Illegal Immigrants Into England

Sikh Gangsters

Three Sikh men helped as many as 69 Afghans illegally pass through England’s borders, a court has heard today.

The gang, named Daljit Kapoor, Harmit Kapoor, and Davinder Chawla, travelled to France and gave migrants their family members’ passports.

The illegals then wore turbans to disguise themselves in order to pass as the Sikhs on the passports.

Border officials were unable to differentiate legitimate passport holders from the bogus migrants, as Sikhs have the legal right to keep their turbans on through passport control, despite native Europeans being forced to remove any headgear.

Once the migrants reached the UK, the passports would then be ‘recycled’ and given to the next set of Afghans waiting on the other side of the Channel.

Not only were the gang grossly abusing the hospitality of the nation they’ve made home, but they were also charging vulnerable families up to £9,000 each for the service of getting them to England illegally.

Over the course of the scam, the Sikh gang lined their pockets to the tune of £600,000.

Prosecutor Alexandra Felix had this to say in court earlier today:

‘At least one of conspirators with the a passport would travel to France to enable to asylum seeker to travel to the UK using this passport.

‘These were passports with identities belonging to their families or others which were reported lost or stolen in the days before their use.

‘The result of the conspiracy was there was entry into the UK that must have been in breach of immigration Law.

‘They would enter the UK masquerading as genuine passport holders and disappear into society.

‘This was a cynical money making enterprise where there was financial gain.’

What the prosecutor fails to mention of course is that illegal immigration is not a victim-less crime.

The black market, in which most illegal immigrants operate, has a devastating affect on the wages for the native population, who see illegal immigrants willing to work for way below the legal minimum wage.

Furthermore, the black market perpetuates the cycle of drugs and prostitution that are so culturally destructive in western nations today.

So thanks, Sikhs, for being such ‘model immigrants’ – (when you’re not committing honour killings, demanding special privileges and flouting immigration law).

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