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Scotland’s Population Soars Thanks To Immigration

Immigration has fuelled Scotland's population rise

Scotland’s population increased to a record high of 5.4 million last year, with the rise in its entirety attributable to immigration.

86,705 immigrants settled in Scotland last year, with net immigration rising by 14% on the previous year. Incidentally, last year also saw the highest level of net migration in over a decade.

This ensured that despite a fall in the number of live births, Scotland’s population growth accelerated and the replacement of native Scots continues unabated.

40,400 of the migrants to Scotland came from outside the UK, with the current SNP government looking to make the country an attractive place for both Eastern European and non-European immigrants to settle in.

One “Conservative” MSP, the member for Perth and Kinross Liz Smith, welcomed the rise claiming that immigration from the rest of the world is a “significant strength for the local economy”.

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Many a low paid Scottish worker would probably beg to differ, Ms Smith, considering immigration on such a scale is proven to have a depressing affect on wages, particularly when those entering the labour market are prepared to work for significantly less than the legal minimum.

The Great Replacement is also in full swing in Scotland, with live births falling 1.1% on the previous year to the lowest level since 2005.



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