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Savile Town – A Piece of Asia in Yorkshire

Savile Town Mosque

Yorkshire is sometimes considered to be the archetype of rural England. Friendly people, football, and traditional English food. Ranging from the banks of the River Humber to large hills to unspoiled moorland, Yorkshire has truly earned its nickname, “God’s Own County”. Yet, a grim situation for the native Yorkshiremen and women hides behind this façade. This blight on the county is Savile Town.

Savile Town is an area of Dewsbury, just south of Leeds. Although, like most cities in the UK, Leeds has a significant minority population, Savile Town really takes the biscuit. At the last census in 2011, Savile Town had a population of 4033. 3985 of these are from a non-British background. You read that correctly – a British town where the White British population is just above 1%. Before I go any further, let’s take a gander at the town’s history.

The modern town took shape during the Victorian period, like many towns in old industrial areas. Savile Town’s long terraces were home to hundreds of workers at the mills and their families. However, and this is an all too familiar story, when the mills closed the area became deprived. Although a recent regeneration had boosted the economic fortunes of the area, it’s still not back at fighting force just yet.

Without looking at the ethnic statistics, Savile Town seems to be the run-of-the-mill old industrial area still recovering from the industry drying up. In actual fact, the prospect is much more dire. The town is speckled with mosques, halal shops, and even a nearby court catering to adherents of Sharia Law, the brutal rules laid out in the Quran for all Muslims to follow. “But surely,” the metropolitan progressive cries, “the diverse community gets along just fine?” Wrong. Savile Town is an unfriendly place for those who so much as dare to be white.

Lorraine Matthews is one local resident who has felt the brunt of living in the Islamic enclave.

“I asked one tall teenager, wearing an Islamic cap and white robes over his jeans, for directions to the mosque entrance. His response was to spit at me and shout: ‘Go away, you shouldn’t be here. Don’t come back.'”

She was told that she shouldn’t be in her own country, by someone who is at best a third generation immigrant, at worst a recent arrival. It must be truly horrifying to live in such a place, where you ask for directions and get berated by an immigrant.

Savile Town is a victim of white flight, as the old working class community fled when the immigrant population increased. This has left those brave souls who chose to remain stranded, an island of Britishness in the raging tides of Islam. As evidenced by the above quote, these people live as strangers in their own land. For me, the key tenet of my political philosophy is that no one should be treated as a foreigner in the land that they and their ancestors built. For the inhabitants of Savile Town, they have to endure this. They wish their city to be representative of Britain, but they are powerless. Their government has let them down, for it insists on maintaining this charade of diversity. Yet, they cannot move. The decayed area offers no employment for us working class Britons, and thus no means of escaping.

Savile Town paints a gruesome picture of the future of white working class communities in the UK. The cheap housing and poor locals make it an excellent target for immigration and replacement, while government policies have done little to benefit the area – in fact they have caused it harm. Unless we, as one united British people, act now, we may find ourselves to be living in a Savile Town soon enough.

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