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Report: 84% of ‘Grooming Gang’ Convicts Are Pakistani Men

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A new report has revealed, to nobody’s surprise, that 84% of so-called Grooming Gang perpetrators in England are from a Pakistani background.

Just to highlight the state of internalised political correctness that currently grips the country, the report was authored by Pakistani immigrants of the Quilliam Foundation. Such is our fear of speaking out about the problem, it’s left to foreigners to expose the issue.

The Grooming Gang scandal is perhaps the country’s most infamous Chinese whisper; everybody knows about it, from Rochdale to Rotherham, Oxford to Uxbridge, gangs of mainly Pakistani men drugging, raping and abusing young girls on an industrial scale.

Of course, the vast majority of victims are native English girls.

The Rotherham Scandal is the most famous of the multitude of cases. Estimates suggest that as many as 1,500 white English girls were trafficked, raped, drugged, blackmailed, bullied and beaten over a 13-year period (1997-2010) – it’s no coincidence that this precisely coincides with the years the Labour Party were in power.

It’s true that there have been convictions, but the sentences handed out by feeble judges are an embarrassment to our nation. Some culprits in this scandal have got less time in prison than a native Englishman would receive for an abusive tweet or a stray rasher of bacon.

And it goes without saying that just 222 convictions in 12 years is nothing more than the tip of the iceberg.

With some campaigners suggesting that there could be upwards of 500,000 victims, it’s quite obvious that there’s many perpetrators still evading justice.

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