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Referendum on Erdogan’s new constitution. ‘Dutch Turks’ voted ‘yes’

Majority of 'Dutch Turks' voted 'yes' in referendum

Dutch Turks [sic] voted en masse in the Turkish referendum that would allow president Erdogan to change the constitution.

With almost all votes counted, it looks like 71% of all Dutch Turks voted in favour of the president having more power than he already has. In Europe, only Belgium (75 percent) and Austria (73 percent) had a higher in favour percentage than the Netherlands, according to numbers released by press bureau Anadolu.

In the United Kingdom, on the other hand, the majority of Turks voted against changing the constitution. There, only 20 percent of Turks were in favour of the proposed constitutional change.

250,000 entitled Turks for referendum

In the Netherlands 250,000 Turks were entitled to vote in the referendum. Less than half (45 percent) of them took the effort to actually vote at one of the polling stations set up in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Deventer.


In total, including Turks living in and outside of Turkey, little over 55 million Turks voted in the referendum for a new constitution.

Of the 3 million Turks entitled to vote that live outside of Turkey, about 1 million Turks actually voted. On average, 60 percent of expats voted in favour of the new constitution.

In Turkey however, the outcome was a little different: 51 percent of voters voted in favour and 49 percent against.

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