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Escaped Pakistani rapist is jailed for 9 years

Amar Mehraj, who escaped. stopped at Birmingham Airport in November

A man who escaped England and fled to Pakistan after raping a teenage girl has finally been jailed after he was caught trying to return to the UK.

Amar Mehraj, 29, and a member of the ‘Great Replacement of Britain‘, was one of four men who gang raped a 17-year-old girl while she was unconscious in July 2009 in Oldbury, West Midlands.

He then left the country but was caught at Birmingham Airport back in November.

Police said Mehraj had been jailed for nine years and nine months after admitting taking part in the attack. Three other men were jailed in 2010.

Detective Constable Mark Timmins of West Midlands Police said:

This was a sickening crime against a vulnerable young girl, who was plied with alcohol and drugs before being sexually abused. Protecting young people from harm is a priority for West Midlands Police and partner agencies and we take reports of sexual offences extremely seriously. This case just goes to show that we will never give up on bringing offenders to justice. Thankfully, justice has finally caught up with Mehraj.

Mehraj, of Giles Road, Oldbury, was sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court on Friday, having admitted his role in the attack at an earlier hearing.

Three other jailed rapists

During the sexual attack, five men were involved in the terrifying sex attack on their 17-year-old victim after she had been taken to a house.

Harjinder Singh, 25, and Haider Kanwal, 30, both of Vicarage Street, Smethwick, and 24-year-old Ibrar Mohammed, of Walford Street, Oldbury, had denied raping the girl.

But they were all found guilty by a jury at Wolverhampton Crown Court. Judge Michael Challinor told the 3 men the young girl had been plied with drink and drugs before being raped by the five strong gang.

Determined and planned offence

It was a “determined and planned” offence, Judge Michael Challinor said, and the harm suffered by their teenage victim had been “immense”.

The verdicts of the jury, maintained the Judge, had vindicated the young girl who had been a totally innocent party in what was a disgraceful crime.

The Judge jailed all three men for eight years and he told them they must register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives.

Escaped suspect

Back in 2010, Philip Bradley, prosecuting, said “police did not prosecute a fourth man while a fifth man had fled the country”. The fifth man being Amar Mehraj.

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