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The Rapedemic of Sweden – True Rape Culture

migrants raping sweden schoolgirls

Sweden is second in rape in the whole world.

It used to be idyllic. It used to be a country of peace. Before 1975. Before its government decided to participate in the multicultural or more accurately multiracial  project. Before the rape culture of the Middle East was imported.

In 1975 the Swedish government decided to set in motion an immigration plan that would turn Sweden into a “multicultural” country.

Sweden is now number two on the global list of rape countries. According to a survey from 2010, Sweden, with 53.2 rapes per 100,000 inhabitants, is surpassed only by tiny Lesotho in Southern Africa, with 91.6 rapes per 100,000 inhabitants.

It wasn’t always this way. Once an extremely safe land, violent crime in Sweden has increased 300 percent since 1975. That year, write Scandinavian journalists Ingrid Carlqvist and Lars Hedegaard, “421 rapes were reported to the police; in 2014, it was 6,620. That is an increase of more than 1,400%.”

The issue is that Sweden is no third world failed state in the middle of Africa, it is a wealthy first world country. But that is changing. Especially in terms of social stability.

2012 rape statistics around the world

This was the situation in 2012. It is only getting worse. 1


Number of reported rapes in Sweden (per 100,000 inhabitants).

2008: 53.2

2007: 46.6

2006: 40.6

2005: 36.8

2004: 25.1

Swedish statistics

Twenty-one research reports from the 1960s until today are unanimous in their conclusions: Whether or not they measured by the number of convicted rapists or men suspected of rape, men of foreign extraction were represented far more than Swedes. And this greater representation of persons with a foreign background keeps increasing:

  • 1980s – 2.1 to 4.7 times as often as Swedes
  • 1990s – 2.1 to 8.1 times as often as Swedes
  • 2000s – 2.1 to 19.5 times as often as Swedes
  • 1960-1970s – 1.2 to 2.6 times as often as Swedes

More migrants means more sexual offenses. 2 3

rate of rape from 2011 to 2013


2017 has seen an increase in rape of 14% 

The increase comes mainly reported rape crimes against adults 18 years or older (272 more crimes), and reported rape offenses against children aged 15-17 years (120 more offenses).

Of the total number of rapes reported to the first half of 2017 were 1470 crimes, or 43 percent, rape of children (0-17 years), while the 1960 crimes, or 57 percent were rape of adults (18 or older). – statistics from Sweden so far this year 4

Defend our women – the women of Cologne, Germany shed light about the true nature of the ‘refugees’ coming to our nations.

What is happening in Sweden and across all of Europe is real. A true rape culture has been brought to our continent.

Political correctness and the fear of social disapproval have paralyzed us Europeans. We must go through some soul-searching and ask ourselves whether other people and the media calling us bigots, racists, supremacists, nazis, fascists… or the prevention and punishment of the rapes of our sisters, our daughters, our mothers, our partners and friends is more important? Every man of Europe and the West must rise up and stop this horror.

Governments will not stop it. They are unable and unwilling to. 5

It will only get worse. The immigrants form the Middle East and Africa have no respect for women, or even children. 6

They are destroying Europe. They are poisoning its peoples. 7

This will not end until the population understands and the common man decides to put an end to it.









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