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Europe’s Top Rabbi Calls For Solidarity With Muslims


The President of the Conference of European Rabbis, Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, has called for solidarity between the Jews and Muslims of Europe.

In an interview with the Observer, Goldschmidt claimed that minority religions are facing ‘a new hostility’ thanks to the weakening of the European Union by Britain’s vote to leave, along with the rise of nationalist in other European nations.

In a wide ranging interview given some click-bait title about ‘solidarity’, Goldschmidt attempts to argue for religious freedom, but it is quite clear that he is arguing for a Europe that best suits Jewish interests, whilst denouncing those critical of Israel as ‘covert anti-semites’.

What is rather telling is his admission as to why Jews in Europe tend to push for open borders and the mass immigration of foreign cultures and ethnic groups; because a weakened, multi-ethnic, multicultural society is where the Jews feel most safe. An ethnically homogeneous European society is considered dangerous for the Jew, who cannot exert his influence in the same way he might over a fractured, bastardised nation.

From the Observer: 

Jews and Muslims in Europe have a common cause in resisting attacks on minority religions and defending religious freedom, Europe’s top rabbi has said. Speaking on the eve of Passover, which begins on Monday, chief rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt warned that the rise of ultra-nationalist parties and damage to the European Union caused by Brexit threatened the security of Jewish and Muslim minorities.

“When there is tolerance for other languages, other cultures, religions, traditions, we Jews feel more accepted,” Goldschmidt, president of the Conference of European Rabbis and chief rabbi of Moscow, told the Observer.

“Jews always felt more comfortable in places where other cultures and religions were respected. At the moment when an ultra-nationalist wind begins to blow, it makes Jews, as a minority, uncomfortable.”

Europe was heading into a period of fluidity and turbulence, “which raises the question to what extent can you ensure the continuity of the Jewish community in Europe,” he said. A new mood of hostility to minority religions was being fuelled by fears over immigration and terrorism.

The rabbi also warned against “covert antisemitism” under the banner of the movement to boycott Israel in protest at its 50-year occupation of Palestinian territories. “It’s not politically correct to be an all-out antisemite, but in many instances the state of Israel has replaced the Jew. To some extent, organisations … which are trying to delegitimise the state of Israel is a covert expression of antisemitism.”


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