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Quebec Parliament Passes Ban of Face Veils


On Wednesday, the National Assembly of Quebec has successfully passed a law banning all face-coverings from those receiving public services and employed in all government positions. The law was built on a campaign promise made by Philippe Couillard, the Premier of Quebec from the Liberal Party. For informational purposes, it must be noted that Trudeau is also apart of the Liberal Party. The promise was made to gain support from Quebec Nationalists to get the party elected. While the party did follow through, and the Minister of Justice himself praised the passing of the bill it does not go without its challenges.

The director of the National Council of Canadian Muslims, Ihsaan Gardee, stated that it is “an unnecessary law with a made-up solution to an invented problem,” he told reporters while enforcing the statement that the problem of mass-Islamic migration is merely invented and an excuse for Islamophobia. Environmentalist mayor candidate, Valerie Plante, stated that she agreed with the bill but only moments later then re-winded on her position calling it “despicable” and a “violation of human rights,” when asked a second time.

The bill includes the ban to allow those wearing face-coverings to use public transportation such as the bus or the metro. The Quebec government has denied that the reasoning is based on the growing amount of Islamic violence and terrorism world-wide, but that it is apart of creating inclusion to make a more comfortable environment for everybody.

Jewish lawyers association: Michael Bergman, Frank Schlesinger and Theodore Goloff

The Association of Jewish Lawyers made a statement that they would fight against the bill because, in their eyes, it is a violation of human rights and is an attack against diversity and the Quebec charter of rights regardless of the realization that the bill was proposed by Stephanie Vallee, the Quebec Minister of Justice.

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