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Possible New Wave of Immigrants into Europe

Invaders into Europe - immigrants

Europe may face a second wave of immigrants as the situation in refugee camps in Africa and the Middle East is only getting worse, the head of the UN World Food Programme said.
“We paid a heavy price for this mistake and I’m afraid we’re about to make it once again.” Beasley believes. According to the UN food chief, while many asylum seekers wanted to stay in their home region, the lack of food has driven them away. “If they don’t have enough food, they will leave. And many of them would go to Europe.” Beasley said.

Living conditions, mostly food distribution, in refugee camps in crisis-affected regions had deteriorated dramatically before the European migrant crisis struck in 2015, David Beasley, the executive director of the World Food Programme (WFP) told German newspaper Die Zeit.

Beasley mentions how the UN has successfully battled world hunger these past 10 years, but that the recent food crisis has arisen because of war and even climate change.



Claims like these demand that reasonable questions be asked: How do immigrants who supposedly don’t have food manage to pay for the trip from their countries all the way to Europe? Why don’t these refugees go to the countries nearest to their own? Why countries all over the Middle East and Asia don’t accept these immigrants? And why are countries such as as Poland and Ukraine, which have never had colonies or empires, being forced to accept migrants?

Another thing that needs to be dealt with is the premise of the solution. If there is a lack of food – emigrate to Europe. Why? Why not make food in the countries which are facing these food shortages? Why not develop these countries so that the people don’t have to emigrate?

Beasley puts it well:

“Intervention by the international community, could be more effective by cooperating and investing in the migrants’ countries of origin and in all countries where armed conflicts and poverty force millions of people to migrate.”

“There is the need to invest in the places themselves and create jobs.” he says, adding that after a few years, this would lead to a gradual drop in the level of financial support necessary.

Amid all of this many forget that more and more people whose countries are not embroiled in war or who do not have food shortages are coming to Europe.

Awareness needs to be raised. All of us must work together to expose things like this.

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