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Pope Uses Christmas Message to Support Illegal Immigrants

Pope Francis hates Europe

Pope Francis used his Christmas Eve platform to advance the cause of migrants breaking European immigration laws. At a public mass in St Peter’s Basilica (Vatican City), the oft subversive spokesman for the Catholic Church compared the journeys of the millions of illegal migrants to that of Mary and Joseph’s to Bethlehem.

According to his holiness, Mary and Joseph travelled to Bethlehem with nowhere to stay and yet room was found at the holy city. This is apparently equivalent to millions of Africans swarming on Europe in search of welfare to plunder and an abundance of European women to molest.

Catholicism’s voice would perhaps do well to pick up a history book from time to time, from which he may learn that Mary & Joseph never left the boundaries of the Roman Empire during their so-called trek for “refuge”. In fact, most of their fairy-tale adventures took place within the inner limits of Syria-Palestina, just one province of the vast Roman Empire.

Then again, what is fact to a liberal activist like Francis?

We shouldn’t be surprised at this latest venture into the political arena by the current Pope. He was the advocacy movement’s greatest warrior at the height of the migrant crisis, during which he could often be found kissing the feet of illegal immigrants or feigning tears at the plight of some swindler from sub-Saharan Africa.

Pope Francis also led the charge against Donald Trump’s election campaign in the United States, strongly criticising the proposal for a border wall to keep out illegal immigrants – again, the Pope obviously forgot that he spends his time behind the Vatican’s 40-foot walls, built to keep Muslims out.

He then went on to campaign extensively against the nationalist campaigns of Marine Le Pen, Norbert Hofer and many other nationalist candidates across Europe, before recently visiting Myanmar to lecture Buddhists on how they should treat their illegal Sunni immigrants, the Rohingya.

Quite simply, Pope Francis is religion’s answer to George Soros.


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